Munchkin Blues

Little Audrey seems to grow more and more bored as summer moves along. I don’t blame her, she has run out of things to do and has no one to play with.

She hates sitting in her car seat, but when I need to be on the computer, she needs to sit there so I can watch her. She is giving me the “eye” again.

Me: It won’t work, pumkin, it’s time to sit in the car seat.

Audrey: NO! I’ll be good, I promise!

Me: No, way, Jose. Up you go!

Audrey: I have to go potty. Really!

Me: Audrey, get back in your seat!

Audrey: I can stay up here and see everything better!
Me: No, get back in your seat.

Audrey: See, I can balance up here!
Me: I’m going to start counting….1…..2…..

Audrey: Whatcha doing? Can we go to

Audrey: I don’t like this site, it doesn’t have any pictures of kitties.

Audrey: Hey! Everything looks upside down!
Me” AUDREY! I can’t read the news…..get back in your seat!

Audrey: Let me show you where is.

Me: Audrey, I think it’s time for your nap! You need to stay in your seat or take a nap!

Audrey: I’ll take a nap. okay? Just let me see something on sprout first…..

Me: AUDREY! You just stepped on the off button!

Audrey: I’ll sit up here okay?

Audrey: OH! LOOK! The ice cream man! Can I have a ice cream????
Me: NO!

Audrey: Can I have a cookie then?


A Close Call

Me: Hold still!

Audrey: OUCH! I want barrettes!

Audrey: All pretty!

Audrey: It’s a rainy day AGAIN!

Audrey: I bet Weedie loves rainy days!

Audrey: I don’t have anyone to play with. Will you play with me?

Audrey watches the rain. It’s not easy being the only child on the truck.

Weedie: Oh, what a lovely day! I adore rainy days! So deliciously wet!

Audrey: Hi, Weedie. Wanna play?

Weedie: Flowers don’t play. Never. Don’t know how.

Audrey: You never had a toy to play with, Weedie?

Audrey: I will give you a toy to play with.

Audrey: You have to hold it, Weedie. Can you hold things?

Weedie: I don’t know. Ooooo…what’s that GREEN thing?

Audrey: It’s a froggy. Wanna hold it?

Weedie: OH NO! It’s horrible!

Audrey: Oh well. I guess flowers don’t play with toys. I will send a message to Aloe Vera to come back and play with me.

Weedie: Say, what’s that building coming up?

Audrey: Uh oh. It’s the Inspection Station!

Weedie: What does THAT mean?

Audrey: It means that we can’t bring any plants across the border! Weedie! You’ve got to hide!

Weedie: What will they do to me?

Audrey: I don’t know. You’re a PLANT! A Stow-away and they will take you and do something to you…I don’t know what, but it’s sure to be AWFUL!

Audrey: Here, take this flashlight and hide in the glove compartment.

Weedie: Ow! You’re crushing my lovely leaves!

Audrey: Moosh in there!

Weedie: ,mnmbvkbkdhahrfh!

Audrey: Shhhhhhh!

Audrey: There’s no one in here!


Weedie: That sure was close! Thank you for saving me, Audrey.

Audrey: That’s ok, Weedie. Don’t go all limp now!

Bath Time

Little Audrey has dirty feet.

Audrey: NO I don’t!

Yes she does. And that means B-A-T-H T-I-M-E.

Audrey: I don’t want to take a bath!

Audrey: OUCH! You’re pulling my hair!

Audrey: There’s a whole bunch of water in here! I am going to drown!

Me: There is an inch of water, silly.

Audrey: Is this the slippery mat?

Audrey: I’m bored.

Me: Then recite a poem.


Three men in a tub,
And who do you think they be?

The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick maker,
They all jumped out of a rotten potato!
Turn ’em out knaves all three.

Audrey: Can I get out now? All CLEAN!

Audrey: No more baths!

Me: Behave yourself. We have to keep clean, even in a truck!

Audrey: ok. Can I have some cookies now?

Audrey: I NEED cookies!
Me: Why do you need cookies? You can go get one yourself.

Audrey: I can’t ’cause I’ll get my feet dirty!

Gummy Bears

Little Audrey has a car seat that can be moved to many places within the truck. This evening it was placed back by the bunk bed so that I could read for awhile. It did not take long for her to figure our how to climb out of it.

It was much more fun to let Tiger sit in the carseat!

As with all 6 year olds, this didn’t last long and Audrey was soon into the gummy bears.

Me: Yes, you can have one.

Audrey liked how the evening sun made the bear glow like magic.

Weedie: What are you eating, Audrey?

Audrey: Gummy bears. Want one?

Weedie: I only drink water, bathe in sunshine and never eat gummy bears. Heavens, no. Not bears of any kind.

Audrey: Here, Weedie, have a green one! Don’t flowers like green?

Weedie: NO! We MAKE chlorophyll, we don’t eat it!

Audrey: What’s corlrofil?

Weedie: It’s what makes my beauoootiful leaves green.

Audrey: Do gummy bears make corlrofil?

Weedie: I don’t think so. Gummy bears are on a lower class than flowers are. Algae or something.

Audrey: The yellow ones look like the sun! I like the yellow ones. Eggie likes them too. She likes everything that is yellow. Do you like yellow ones, Weedie?

Weedie: It is pretty. I like the sun.

Audrey: I think I can see the sun inside!

Me: It’s time for little ones to go to bed!

Audrey: Just one more huggy please! Oh, and a drink or water and a snack and will you read me a story?

The Stow-Away

Little Audrey was playing by the coffee pot when she noticed a flower. She wanted to pick it and take it back to her hammock so her bed would smell sweet.

She tried very hard to pluck it up, but the stem was awfully thick and it just wouldn’t budge!

Flower: OUCH! How dare you squeeze me like that! What do you think I am, a tube of toothpaste?

Audrey: I’m sorry, I just wanted to take you to my bed.

Flower: Well, there will be no picking of my body, thank you very much! I am not pickable! I am a beauooootiful flower, my name is Weedie. I hid away in the honey pot pretending to be clover honey so that I could have adventures like the Pig. All I ever get to do is sit around in a pot all day!

Audrey: Are you a “stuck in the mud”?

Weedie: DO I look like I am stuck in mud? I have 2 parts loam like anyone else.

Audrey: I have never met a talking flower before. Are you a stow-away?

Weedie: Yes, I have to stay hidden so they won’t throw me out. Say, can you see if the coast is clear so that I can get some sun? I am feeling a little pale.

Audrey: I will look for you, Weedie. This is fun!

Audrey : I don’t think we can go up there. They will see you.

Weedie: Oh rats!