The Little Hunters

Audrey:  HAMMIE…..are you in there?  Lamby wants to play!
Audrey:  I see you in there!  I want to play tent too.
Hammie:  NO!
Audrey:  If you let me come in, I will bring something really special!
Hammie:  What?  A doll?
Audrey:  Come on, Hammie, I want to play tent!
Hammie:  I am Hunter Dan and this is MY hunting tent.  No dolls or girls are allowed!
Audrey:  I can be Hunter Jane!  I am good at looking for things!
Hammie:  Not that kind of hunter!  A animal hunter!  You know, deer and stuff.
Audrey:  And what do you think this is?  I hunted a lamb, what did you hunt?
Hammie:  Well…..ok, I guess you can be Hunter Jane.   You can come in.
Hammie:  Quit kicking me!  I SAID you can come in!
Audrey:  It’s scary in here!  It’s dark!  OUCH!  You’re pulling my arm too hard!
Hammie:  I wish we had some light.
Audrey:  Well, I got something special!  See!  I make a good Hunter Jane!
drey:  I got a flashlight!
Hammie;  YEAH!!!  Let’s tell scary stories!

The BIG Trees – Part 2

Audrey:  Hammie!  Are you okay???
Hammie:  ow!
Hammie:  I hurt my head!  Owie!
Audrey:  I’ll go get Nanny.
Nanny:  I see there is troubles AGAIN.   What is the matter now my little darlings?
Audrey:  Hammie fell on his head.
Nanny:  Oh my!  Let me see what has happened to your head, Hammie. 
Nanny:  Oh my, a class ONE bump on the noggin!  I see there shall soon be an egg!
Hammie:  I don’t want a egg on my head!
Audrey:  I can I have your egg?
Hammie: Don’t touch it!
Hammie:  My head still hurts!  I need ice cream!
Audrey:  Me too!
Nanny:  First we need to plaster Hamlet’s head.  No need to let all his learning fall out!
Audrey:  Does he have a hole in his head?
Nanny:  Hold still, you little wiggle worm!  There!  All better!
Hammie:  Did I have a hole or a egg?
Nanny:  You had a tiny little quails egg of a bump, that’s all.  But I think it serious enough for some ice cream.  
Hammie:  I do too.  I am serious enough!
Audrey:  Nanny, my head hurts…….

The BIG Trees – Part 1

Hammie:  Look!  I am taller than the pine trees!
Nanny:  Master Hamlet, you take care in such dangerous places!
Hammie:  I am careful!  I got BIG branches!
Audrey:  Nanny, can I be a pine tree too?
Hammie: Come on, Audrey, lets play!
Hammie:  You can be that little sapling over there.
Audrey:  Where?
Hammie:  Over there!  
Audrey:  That’s a little tree!  I wanna be a BIG tree!
Hammie (shoving) You can’t be a big tree!  I am the BIG tree!
Audrey: NO YOU’RE NOT!  I AM!!!!!
Nanny:  What is going on over there?  I hear loud voices and not nice ones either!
(In unison) We aren’t doing anything, Nanny!
Hammie:  lets see if there is any cartoons on!
Audrey: Okay!
Hammie:  oh oh!
Audrey:  OH NO!  Hammie, you’re falling!
(to be continued….)

The Ball Incident – Part 2

Hammie:  I hear Nanny coming!
Audrey: GOOD!  ‘Cause you’re getting into BIG trouble!
Nanny: My word, what kind of troubles do we have here?  No one speaking to each other, no one playing together,  It seems we have a situation that needs fixing!
Audrey:  (silence)
Hammie (silence)
Nanny:  Lets use words please!
Audrey:  Nanny!  Hammie stole my ball and won’t give it back and he won’t play with me and he thinks I am ugly!
Hammie:  It’s my turn to have the ball, she never plays with it anyways!  
Nanny:  Ah, I see.  Well, we have hurt feelings and a misplaced sense of ownership going on.
Nanny:  So, Master Hamlet, where did you put your gentlemanly ways?  Stealing things from young ladies is not how Sir Galahad would have acted!  No, sir.  He would have complimented the fair lady and shown how noble he was.
Hammie:  I guess so.  Is Audrey crying?
Audrey: *sniffle*
Hammie:  I guess I don’t really need this ball, besides it’s girly pink!
Audrey: (though her hiccuppy sobs) I jsut wanted to play ball with you!
Nanny:  Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding.  I think some cheery pie at tea time is just what we need to soothe all these ruffled  feathers.
Hammie: Cheery pie is my favourite!
Nanny:  What do you need to do, Master Hamlet?
Hammie:  I am sorry, Audrey.  You can have your ball.  
Audrey: I don’t care about the ball, I don’t want you to call me ugly!
Hammie: I didn’t call you ugly, I called you a girl!  (laughs).
Nanny:  So, are we starting all this again?  I suppose my cat will have the cheery pie today. 
Hammie:  Audrey, you’re the most beautiful girl in the  Black Forest!
Audrey:  I am?  Wheres the Black Forest?
Nanny:  I think the Black Forest is a might fine place to start with being pretty!
Audrey:  I love you Hammie….(smooch)
Hammie: Yucky!  Can we have tea now?
1 (9″) graham cracker crumbs crust or baked pastry shell
1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese, softened
1 (14 oz.) can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated)
1/3 c. ReaLemon lemon juice from concentrate
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 (21 oz.) can cherry pie filling, chilled
In large mixer bowl, beat cheese until fluffy. Gradually beat in sweetened condensed milk until smooth. Stir in ReaLemon brand and vanilla. Pour into prepared crust. Chill 3 hours or until set. Top with desired amount of pie filling before serving. Refrigerate leftovers.
Recipe From: Cheery Cheese Pie

The Ball Incident – Part 1

Audrey: I wish I had someone to play with.
Hammie:  I am BUSY.
Hammie:  I wish the basketball wasn’t so small.  
Audrey:  I have a BIG basketball.
Hammie:  I want it!
Audrey: Say…’Audrey is the most beautiful girl in the world’ first.
Hammie: I won’t say it!  Gimme!
Audrey: Can’t have it!  It’s mine.
Hammie: Okay, ‘you’re the most yucky girl in the world’
Hammie: GIMME!
Audrey: NO!
Hammie:  It’s MINE!
Audrey:  You don’t I am pretty, Hammie?
Hammie:  You’re a GIRL!
Audrey:  I am going to tell Nanny that you stole my ball!
Hammie:  Girls don’t play with basketballs!
Audrey: I don’t like you anymore.  I’m telling.
Hammie: Youre just mad ’cause I got the ball.  Don’t tell Nanny, ok?
Hammie:  I’ll give you my pie at teatime if you don’t tell.
Audrey:  *sob*
to be continued……