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Crocheting a Dress, 1889 French Fashions for Young Ladies

The smallest crochet hook I could get at Walmart the day that I was last there was 2.25mm, which would be fine for the regular cotton thread, but the colours I had were brown, black, red, and a multigreen.  The cream/taupe I had was a thinner thread.  I went ahead and did a single crochet stitch and it felt soft and lacey because of the size of the hook, but I like it.  I started the flounce, but later when looking at french fashion illustrations from 1889, the older girls did not wear the dropped waist styles. 

After see this, I am inclined to make the thing I started perhaps just a simple summer dress with a low waist, but not particularly dropped.
Hopefully on the next home time, if I can get everything unpacked quickly, I can go through some of the dolly things I packed and for the life of me, I cannot remember it all!  I believe I will have some small objects for Miette that are too old fashioned for the Nisse children.  I also have a wooden lane chest for her, so she can have a hope chest filled with things she makes for her future marriage.  I will put together some scraps of fabrics and ribbons to hand sew a few things too, I especially want to make a nightgown for her.  As badly as I want the apartment, I am most annoyed that the unpacking and errands I must do will keep me from having some relaxing fun time with dollies!  lol
The dress I am working on now is another one of my organic works in progress, meaning I am shaping it as I go without a pattern or a clear picture in my head as to what it will look like in the end.  I like how it looks so far!

The Red Coat is Finished….as in NO MORE.

I had very little luck at Walmart.  They were out of red ribbon, had an awful selection of buttons.  Sigh.  I decided that since the coat was not going to be one of Miette’s favourites, I would go with white.  If only there had been a more muted colour for a contrast.

Lucky for Miette, we were now in Texas and it was hot!  The whole coat thing was started when we were in a blizzard, so much for being practical.  The temp was now 85 and we were sweating.  Off with the coat, and let’s redo the hair!  Miette always loves to have her hair done.  Since we had ribbon, we could now use it to hold her braided buns.
We played around with an old dress (much too short so she wouldn;t let me photograph it in full) but I made a quick lace cap and she was pleased.  THIS, she mentioned with emphasis, was the style she preferred.  Pastels and lace and there can never be too many bows, she reminded me.  

Yes, Mon Amie, you are right.

The Red Coat Continues to Mutate

I got up at 3 am this morning and had nothing to do while letting husband sleep longer.  I pulled the truck curtain and put on a little reading light and crocheted the red coat to death.

I crocheted around the edges, added to the waist to give it more definition.  The sleeves are split to allow a button closure.  On the right are the button loops.
There is a scalloped edging now around the whole coat.  Now to find the right buttons.
Miette was tolerating another try on, since she spied the embellishment.
 Still she is not fond of the colour at all. I keep trying to tell her that it is merely a warm coat for a cold truck but it is not her idea of refined clothing.
 I used a pin to hold the coat closed, I think that pearl buttons might be an idea.
Miette insisted on a hat, and so in the dark, I made one.  By the time the sun came up, it was done.  It needs ribbon through the bottom of the hat, I made ribbon holes for it.
Well, Miette is re-designing the coat.  We will be digging through the notions bag to see if we can finish this.
In the meantime, she is already eyeing some yarn for a more appropriate coat:
I told her that the eyelash yarn was too modern for her, but she sniffed and said that french girls have an eye for anything stylist.

The Red Coat

The red coat is a failure.  Miette insists that it is not her colour, and I have to agree.  I guess I am so use to Nisse Red that I failed to see that Miette is a pastel girl.

Here I am working in the sleeve between the front and back panels
This is the back of the coat with the two sleeves on each side.
Just need to sew the top of the sleeves
Have no clue yet how to finish the front closure.
The coat fits well.
Miette HATES it.