More Miette Wardrobe Enhancements

My mood has improved somewhat.  More Miette wardrobe enhancements:

 I think this was a Boneka chemise.  I added butterflies and put pink bows around their necks.  Miette clapped with joy.  She thinks there can never be enough lace and bows.

I had a homemade vintage hat that was a bit too big, so I added lace and gathered the top to make more of a bonnet style hat for Miette.

And the last of the sewing yesterday, I had a wide piece of lace that I made a petticoat for her,  floding over the top edge and threading with a white ribbon to tie in the back.  This was a vintage piece of lace for back in the day that women made slips to wear under dresses.  I believe it is from the 50’s or 60’s. 

I am still wondering and thinking on my companion situation.  It fluctuates, there are times I am within seconds of a decision to reduce the herd, and other times I feel I shouldn’t.  There are times when I feel that the 10 inch ones are the only viable companions for both the truck and the future, but then I think that I have too many 10 inchers!  Sigh.  “Round and ‘Round I go, where I’ll stop, not even I know.

More thinking needed.


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