Two Weeks

Two more weeks yet to endure.  Sigh.

Everything has been plotted, planned, listed, sorted, re-arranged, all in the name of little Evie.  In some ways it is really strange to plan for someone you already know.  That is, IF it is my Evie.  There is nothing absolute in the about it, anything can happen and often does… laid plans and all that.


But I am happy.  Content and happy and looking forward to the whole experience, whatever it will be.  I realize the whole expectations thing may blow up in my face, but in the end I will have what I want….a one and only.  Who is behind door number 3?


We will most likely deliver in Denver or Pueblo.  Sometimes it is late at night and we arrive where we have an apartment at 2 am, which means I have to wait ANOTHER day to go and get little Evie’s body at my parents house.  Think I will be able to sleep?  lol.  It’ll work though, because I can at least pick out an outfit, bring a wig and set of eyes to bring her home in.  We’ll likely stay at my parents for half a day, so I want to get to know how her body works and how she moves.  If we arrive early in the morning, coming down from Denver, I am thinking of having my husband drop me off in Monument at the truck stop there and having my parents pick me up…..but then I won’t have anything to dress her in, unless I knit something here on the truck…hmmmm it’s an idea.


Obviously I am obsessing.  Two weeks to endure.  If I have to suffer….YOU have to suffer along with me by reading all my whiny posts!  So there!


In The Pink

I couldn’t resist.  I really couldn’t.  I bought a pink-blonde wig for Little Evie.  I shouldn’t have, it’s not like I haven’t any that are suitable, but I just have to try it.

When I first bought teen Evie, I was in Denver Doll Emporium trying all the wigs they had available.  I tried on a pink bob cut wig and loved it.  But my old fashioned nature kept insisting that pink hair was not real looking and decided in the end to get a long blonde with with chestnut streaks.  I never quite forgot the pink one though.  And then there was Seola on the Dollstown website that had a candy pink wig, and I loved it all over again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I found this wig, which I think will have more warm tones, perhaps a golden pink, listed as pink-blonde mix:

Pink Blonde Wig It was a whim, I know.  But what the heck, if it doesn’t suit her, I can always re-sell it.  In fact, once I have the look down, I will be selling all the wigs and eyes, unsuitable clothing…etc.  Even Evie will have a spring cleaning of her old stuff.

Anyways, the wig is long and long doesn’t do well on the truck, so if it works, it’ll have to go into braids or be cut into a bob.  I still want to see her in the chocolate brown lambs wool, the red shorty cut, the red bob and the brown human hair wig before the final decision.  The wig and eyes are decided before I do a face-up so that I can match the colouring well to the hair and eyes.   And it’s this overall colouring that will decide the wardrobe colours too.  Yes….I am dreaming away the time….there is still two weeks and a couple of days before I see her.  The waiting-crazies are starting!


The wait is long.  Still just over two weeks yet to go.  I feel as though I should be knitting something for her.  I feel like I am waiting for a baby to be born, my little Evie.  I never could have imagined that things would turn out this way.  It’s funny, because I feel so sure of the outcome, the “hope it will happen” has turned into “know it will happen”.  I am not sure why.  I think that the ability to “see” Evie in the photo’s of Seola has helped.  I marvel that I will get to know her as a child.  It doesn’t seem so odd anymore to have known her as a teen first.

I am using a household inventory software program to enter all of Evie’s stuff, clothing and shoes.  I can keep track of how much I spend, pictures of the items and where they were purchased.  It’s really just something to do while on the truck, but fun in the sense that I can print out the report and put it in a notebook someday.  Blogger advertises that the blogs can be made into a real book, I think that would be a fun thing to do someday too.

I am counting the hours until she is in my arms again.

Musing Again

I am actually finding it amusing that there isn’t anything I can think of that little Evie needs.  Oh, I am sure it will come in time, but right now, nothing comes up.  The only thing I could think of that a little girl would want is a pair of rollerskates.  Not knowing her foot shape or how well the shoes she already has waiting for her will fit, I found these, made for the Toni doll:

I wll either make leather straps for them or find a pair of shoes or boots to attach them to.  So my girl has a bicycle and skates, the two items that I could not live without in my childhood.

In the past, most new incoming dolls were of a different size than I had before, so there was always the flurry of gathering accessories, designing patterns, finding shoes.  Shoes always seemed to be the most difficult.  I keep smiling to think how Seola’s body is in the same scale as adult Evie, as items would be “larger” for a child than an adult.  All the foods I have made will work, the furniture, the dishes, books and accessories.  I even have two horses in scale!  Wow.  I just keep shaking my head at how this is all falling together.  You would think I had this in mind all the time when trying to decide my dolly fates, but I truly didn’t.  My whole thought process was just wrapped around a workable companion in my tight quarters.  I can’t bring the furniture with me, but it’s nice to know that she can have a room of her own at the apartment that will someday be in our home in Denmark.

Another thought I have been having lately is of course, the hair and eye combination.  On the Dollstown website, I love this look, it looks so Evie to me:

I love the pixie hair, the petulant look, it’s so her.  Long hair doesn’t work well on the truck, and I was thinking how much Evie loved Evan’s old wig:

I will be trying this combination on little Evie.  In this photo she has the lavender eyes and red hair, but I also have brown, turquoise, black, green and deep blue eyes to experiment with.  I love the mohair/lambswool wigs, but when Evie wore one on the truck, it frizzed up in no time.  I may be able to tame it by braiding.  I am so antsy to get home and see her!  I have a human hair wig in brown, but in this photo, I had just taken it out of the package and it needed to be washed, trimmed and styled.

I have also been looking at styles.  That photo above of her in the pink and black really appeals to me,  Not the skirt in particular, but the idea of short A line dresses seems to fit her waif like look.  I see this being not only a very practical style, but easy to care for and play in.  I have an idea brewing about possibly re-creating some of my own childhood clothing for her.  I remember when the hot colours came out, hot pink, hot orange and hot green.  Twiggy dresses were so popular when my own awareness of fashion started to bud.  Tights and short A line dresses were the thing.

I have been collecting ideas for her dresses here:

Looking at the hairstyles on these patterns, I see the bob cut is common.  Hmmm…Maybe the bobcut wig would be best….

Sigh, can you tell I am itching to get in the dollroom and play????

Two Wonderful Joys to Behold

Yesterday I had wonderful news, my daughter told me that the baby is a girl!  I am so glad she decided to find out!  Now I can knit up a storm!  Here is my newest grandchild:

She weighs a pound and 6 ounces.  What a miracle we can see them before being born.

And then this morning, I see:

Evie’s body otherwise known as Seola 7 has arrived.  Apparently the weather is still really bad in Monument, but she made it and I can see my father signed for her.  I am so relieved she is safe and warm.  I wonder if Evie knows?  Perhaps I will sing Mairzy Doats and see what happens.

We are in Connecticut, on our way to Massachusetts for a beef delivery.  It’s raining and gray.  I don’t know if it is the weather or what it is, but my mood has been sinking again.  It’s such a hard thing to describe, but I feel that same melancholia that I feel when I leave a doll companion behind.  I have no dolls with me this time around, and as much as Olivia is fun and cute, holding a Pig is just not the same as a companion.  I need Evie.  I miss Audrey.  It’s going to be a long three weeks.  All I know for sure, is that after this, I will never be without a companion by my side ever again.


Attempted Delivery!

Ack!  A delivery attempt!  Just received an email from my mother, they had a snow storm yesterday that knocked the power out and they got 18 inches of snow with 4-9 yet to come.  Sigh, poor little Evie’s body, I hope the mailman kept her warm and reassured her that today is the day she arrives and stays.  I know, I am not making any sense, it’s just a body, right?  But Evie may already be in there?  I have no idea.  I haven’t heard from Evie since the last letter.

I am hanging in limbo.  Each day I study Seola photo’s.  Each day I think of how she will look, I imagine hair and eye combinations, clothing styles, the toys, the trunk, the bicycle.  It’s strange in a way, that all the dolly things I have, how they were fun for a picture or two, but they never had a definite purpose.  They remained props.  Now with the new direction, they seem to mean more.  Evie has had that pink bicycle for over a year, I photographed her with it once.  It seems just a bit small in scale for her, I now know it will be perfect for her smaller body.  I have items I thought would work for Olwen, now seem more appropriate for a younger girl, like a Hello Kitty lunch box.  I keep thinking about how all these things I kept, even when at the time it was too childish for Evie, or too big for Olwen.  I even kept a bunch of little girl dresses that fit Evie, but of course looked ridiculous.  I kept them without ever knowing that Evie would regress in time.  It’s marvelous marveling time for me!  lol

Oh, and Olivia says hi!

Long Hometime Coming Up and and Other Thoughts

As best I can tell, it looks like on the June 24th’s hometime estimate, I will stay behind at the apartment for nearly a month before leaving for Hawaii sometime in the last week of July.  I will stay there with my daughter and family until the first of September, hooking back up with my husband when he returns about Sept 6th.  I love the idea of being alone at the apartment for some rest off the truck, but it comes with a price….no internet for 2 months.  I am not even able to grasp the concept at all.  I have a lot of things planned to get done, but I am not so willing to not have my dolly fix on the net every day as I am use to!  We do not have a phone installed at the apartment, so I can’t take any free trial offers and husband will have the modem we use now.  Gasp.  I can’t stand the thought.

But I do relish having the time to myself for awhile.  I can sew and play and dream and eat when I want to, sleep when I want to….sigh.  I can shop without ever having to look at the clock.  I can go hang out at the Zoo or Garden of the Gods without looking at everything my husband looks at.  lol.  Rebellion Brewing!!!!!! 

Little Evie (Seola) is still in LA this morning.  It seems she’s been released from customs and getting routed to the plane to Denver.  We are heading to Connecticut right now, but if we get routed to Denver for a delivery before the official hometime, I will be angsting all over the place! 

I watched a old BAD film about a mad doctor killing his adulterous wife to prolong the life of his maid and make her young again.  It’s never explained why she goes from and old woman to a young one and still stays the maid…but there was all kinds of transference of souls to the point of there being a mix up.  I sure hope Evie gets this one right!  lol.  Hoping the film was just bad and they cut out the scenes that explained things.