Story: Tumbling Out of Bed

DSC03603Evie:  Panda, it’s time to get up!  I want jam for breakfast and nobody is helping us get down!

DSC03610 Evie:  Panda, you go first!

DSC03611 Evie: (tossing her bear over the hammock’s edge) Ooopsy-daisy!

DSC03612 Evie: I will come rescue you, Panda dear!

DSC03613 Evie:  umph!  And then, umph! We can have jam for breakfast!

DSC03615 Evie:  Aw, Panda, did you get hurts?

DSC03614 Evie:  Don’t cry bear tears!  I will make it all better!


Back to the Hammock

Evie was too cramped in the carrier.  She couldn’t lay comfortably in it.  One evening I took the folding chair that makes into a bed out and laid it along side me.  It worked, but I was so fearful all night of her rolling towards me and  me crushing her, that I couldn’t sleep solidly.

Then I remembered I still had the hammock I made last summer for big Evie.  I hung that up, but my configuration at the end of the bed was not the same as last summer, and wouldn’t work now.  I thought on it some more, and came up with it hanging along side the bunk rather than across the bunk.

DSC03607 DSC03609

It works!  I slept soundly last night and it was so sweet to wake up to Evie-O looking at me:

DSC03606 DSC03603

She loves it too!  I want to add rings to the ends.  I had wooden dowels and removed them, but there needs to be more structure to the ends.  There are more advantages to her bed being in this particular spot, my bed stays clear of “stuff”, the hammock blocks the outside light from truck stop lamps, and Evie is protected from the intense summer sun as it is the darkest spot in the cab of the truck.  You can’t really see it well, but above here is my light (on the panel) that both her and I can read a book in the evenings.  The only downside I can see is that now Evie can reach that panel, which has control to the air conditioning in the back, the lights, and the power for the laptops.  I know she will mess with them!

Gopher Guts For Lunch

DSC03590 Me:  EVIE!  It’s time for lunch. come on sweetie.  ARE YOU EATING COOKIES BEFORE LUNCH?

DSC03584 Evie: Can I have more pink lemonade please?

Me: Eat your lunch first.

DSC03583 Evie: I don’t want mac and cheese.  I want ice cream.  Pleeeeaaaase!

Me:  No more sugar for my sugar pie.  You’re sweet enough as it is.

DSC03579 Evie: (singing) greasy grimey gopher guts

Me:  Evie, eat your lunch.  We are leaving soon.

DSC03580 Evie:  It’s too hot to eat.  Ice cream will make me cool.

Evie:  You will be my very best friend….

Evie:  I’ll let you play with my doll……

Evie is Bored

DSC03565 Evie: ho hum, rum tum, tiddly too…wouldn’t you?

DSC03566 Evie: I never knew there was so much sky!

DSC03567 Evie: I like to see things upside down!

DSC03568 Evie: (singing) Mary had a little lamb, it’s toes were white as snow….

DSC03569 Me:  EVIE! Don’t kick the screen!

DSC03571 Evie:  I’m hungry, when are we going to eat?  I want ice cream for lunch.

DSC03573 Me: Count how many red cars go by. 

Evie: I don’t want to count cars.  Yuck.

DSC03574 Me: EVIE!  Stop playing with the knobs!

Evie:  What does this one do?

DSC03575 Evie: oh, oh…….I think I am in trouble!


After breakfast and getting dressed, Evie discovered that I had posted the photo’s of her exercises. 

DSC03556 Evie:  WHAT?????  You posted my nakey pictures?  It’s so wrong!

DSC03557 Evie: How could you do that?  I am mad!

Me: I was just showing others how flexible you are.  Don’t get so dramatic.

DSC03560 Evie: I am going to delete this post!

Me: Evie, it’s not a big deal, only a few people who love dolls will see it. 

DSC03561 Evie:  I am not talking to you all day!  Badness!


DSC03562 Evie: LOOK!  A BIG TRUCK like us!

Me: I thought you weren’t speaking to me?

Evie: Silly Billy!

Evie’s Posing Abilities – NUDITY

Dollstown is wonderful in the posing department.  The poses are very natural and curvy.  Evie is a little stiff yet, being so new and I haven’t yet begun her daily exercises in play, which will loosen up her stringing.  However, she holds each and every pose perfectly, something her old body was too heavy to do.

DSC03539 First, I will start with Evie’s first night aboard the truck as a child.  Her bed carrier fit just as I imagined.  I was able to sleep next to her without ever feeling like I would bump her in the night.  I have a memory foam on top of my mattress, so for her to sleep next to me without the carrier would mean rolling into each other all night!

DSC03544 Evie can hold her arms up and in just about any pose.  She arches well and holds it.  In these photo’s I am holding her because it is a soft bed. 

DSC03543 The strange looking hip joint is completely different than any I have known.  The ball is part of the torso, not the leg.  Since it is placed forward, it allows for the leg to go back further that other ball joints.  The hollow in the back of the thigh allow the kneeling ability.  I did not like this feature on the Domuyra (sp?) flexi body, but I like the ability to kneel without making the joint pop out of the socket, so I am getting use to it.

DSC03550 But the hip is strange looking.  lol.  I am still getting use to it.

DSC03549 You can see how far back the stringing can go and how the ball is forward.

DSC03548 There is a balance to the way the hip joint works.  The leg can rotate all the way around.  Instead of having the slice in the upper thigh for rotation, it is based in the hip.

DSC03547 Evie can easily touch her toes, her face, her hands have a much greater range of motion than any bjd I have had.    She has no floating balls or double joints, all are simply well designed to work.  I marvel at the engineering.

DSC03545 No other doll I have had could hold their leg up without assistance!

DSC03540 The foot flex is fab.

DSC03541 She actually has ankle bones!

The only wonky part to her body is her left knee.  It tends to slip out of the alignment.

DSC03551 I don’t understand why the right is fine but the left tends to slide to one side or the other.  When I move it back, it seems to lock into place, but later, I will see it off again. 

DSC03552 It is not a big deal, Old Evie use to flip forward from the hip all the time, but hers was more of a weight issues that was solved with sueding.   I may try sueding the knee under the knee cap.

All in all, even though I have not shown all of the poses she can do, she has the biggest range of motion than any other I have had.

DSC03554 What I like the most is how natural they are.  Evie’s size is working beautifully on the truck, she is slim enough to not take up too much space, easy to handle and enough weight to her to feel substantial without the heaviness that makes it seem wieldy to move her around.

EO’s Swimsuit

We packed up early this morning, dragged everything to the car, got to the truck, made the beds, hauled up the stuff we need and the groceries, contacted the company, set to go.

Only while we were on hometime, they gave our trailer to another driver!  They solved his problem, but now we have one.  So they changed their minds 3 times before settling on that we would pick up another driver’s loaded trailer and deliver at midnight.  So we had 9 hours to sit.  No way were we going to sit in the truck, only 10 minutes from the apartment.

SO back we went.  I decided to make Evie-O a bathing suit since I had all my cut out patterns on the truck.  I used a toddler’s swim suit that I bought at a thrift shop.  I did not have or use a pattern, just cut a basic shape.

Swimsuit Fabric I cut the fabric to include the bottom ruffle, then as a crotch, I cut the straps so that the wide part covered her behind.  Then I cut more ruffle off and used them as straps.

DSC03533 DSC03530

DSC03532 I have plenty of fabric left over, I think I will make a bathing cap too.  I’ve never made a bathing suit before, it was really easy and fun!

Evie-O and I went down to the pool in our swimsuits only to find they were still working on the heater.  Sigh.  Then I was going to take at least a photo of her by the pool, but I forgot to put the memory stick in the camera.  Sigh again.  That’s why we have balcony photo’s. 

Evie didn’t get but half an hour on the truck, so she will have to wait until this evening.  THEN we are finally under way.  I sure hope this indecision on the dispatcher’s part is not the sign of things to come.  It’s really frustrating to get ready to go and then they change it all up.