Evie O’s First Day Out

DSC03498 DSC03501

DSC03506 DSC03504

Yesterday Evie O went with us running errands.  I used a Happydoll MSD carrier I had, while it was lightweight and easy to sling on my shoulder, there was very little room inside and I felt it was kinda suffocating in there for her.  I really liked having her with me though, and she was so easy to carry.  I felt a big relief in that.

We went to the travel agent and bought the ticket to Hawaii!  YEAY!  We even saved $100 over the quote we received from another agency.  So it’s a done deal, I leave July 28th and return Sept 2.

We ran a few more errands and then went to my parents for the afternoon.  All of the things I bought for Evie were there, except her panda shoes and a vintage red coat and cap I bought.  There were some fab things, the red scooter was perfect! The drinks and silverware for AG were perfect.  All the books were too.  The eraser foods were too small, which surprised me as I had a few of them in a larger size, so I had no idea they were smaller.  Mom gave me a ton of fabric, some will be perfect for Evie, but most were fabrics for adult type dolls, I may use them for Charlotte and her fancy gowns.  I did get some lovely silks and a gorgeous piece of real wool plaid.  I definitely will make a wool winter coat for Evie with that.

DSC03507 DSC03512

The red heart carrier arrived too.  That was perfect too.  A little musty smelling, or plastic-y, I wiped it down and it is airing out.  It has a large zippered pocket in the side so I can double it up as a purse too.  I love it and hope it freshens up as it will make a perfect every day kind of carrier.

DSC03514 DSC03515

I love the mesh across the top and in the heart!  She can breathe, lol!

I left the scooter in the trunk, so I will get photo’s later.  I drew up a pattern that I did a quick test on.  It’ll make a cross over summer dress and tops.  I will get some sewn up this afternoon.  I will go to a couple of places today as “my day out” but we are just about out of time.  Gasp.  The red carrier will be my test run today.  Checking to see if it is comfortable, easy to carry around, etc.

I spent a lot of one on one time with Evie yesterday.  With Evie’s older body and Audrey and Hammie now packed away, I am not “seeing” other dolls around and it has been a bit of a bewilderment on my part.  Hard to describe, but Evie O seems to be a combination of Evie and Audrey.  It may be the red hair and fall colour eyes, it may be the childishness that reminds me of Audrey and I often see traces of older Evie in her face, the way she looks at certain angles.  I feel older Evie’s personality, only in a different way.  It’s like Evie’s testing out her new limbs, her new “home” within herself.  We have been so busy with sewing and setting up and retrieving all her things, that I feel as though we have both been overwhelmed a bit.  Last night before I put her to bed, I saw the intensity in her eyes, the connection was so strong.  I smiled and said playfully, Evie are you in there?  And I saw her eyes relax.  It was as though she was hoping I saw her there.  I told her it will take time to get use to the new body, but it will all smooth itself out in time.  I know that this has been the best decision since everything changed a year and a half ago.  Yep, we will be just fine.


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