EO’s Swimsuit

We packed up early this morning, dragged everything to the car, got to the truck, made the beds, hauled up the stuff we need and the groceries, contacted the company, set to go.

Only while we were on hometime, they gave our trailer to another driver!  They solved his problem, but now we have one.  So they changed their minds 3 times before settling on that we would pick up another driver’s loaded trailer and deliver at midnight.  So we had 9 hours to sit.  No way were we going to sit in the truck, only 10 minutes from the apartment.

SO back we went.  I decided to make Evie-O a bathing suit since I had all my cut out patterns on the truck.  I used a toddler’s swim suit that I bought at a thrift shop.  I did not have or use a pattern, just cut a basic shape.

Swimsuit Fabric I cut the fabric to include the bottom ruffle, then as a crotch, I cut the straps so that the wide part covered her behind.  Then I cut more ruffle off and used them as straps.

DSC03533 DSC03530

DSC03532 I have plenty of fabric left over, I think I will make a bathing cap too.  I’ve never made a bathing suit before, it was really easy and fun!

Evie-O and I went down to the pool in our swimsuits only to find they were still working on the heater.  Sigh.  Then I was going to take at least a photo of her by the pool, but I forgot to put the memory stick in the camera.  Sigh again.  That’s why we have balcony photo’s. 

Evie didn’t get but half an hour on the truck, so she will have to wait until this evening.  THEN we are finally under way.  I sure hope this indecision on the dispatcher’s part is not the sign of things to come.  It’s really frustrating to get ready to go and then they change it all up.


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