We are all settled in the new truck and soon will be in Amarillo where we will sleep.  I just turned around to see how Evie was doing and saw this:


Awww….she looked so lost in thought as she was singing little tunes she makes up as she goes.  My heart just heaved a sigh.


Evie’s First Month


We are at the Yard now.  A day or two here and then we’ll head to Colorado.  I am so excited, as this will mean 2 whole months off the truck!  YAY!  What a treat that will be.  Cooking without bouncing…..on a real stove….a bathroom whenever I want one….I am just giddy with delight!

Evie has done really well on this last run…her first as a child on the truck.  In comparison to Audrey and Hammie, she is a little more awkward, as she has the typical bjd overly long colt like legs that seem to constantly need placement…somewhere other than where they are.  Audrey and Hammie have short legs and they are always so easy to have around, easy to hold and easy to tuck away somewhere.  Evie needs attention, care in where she is placed and where she sleeps.  Thank heavens for the hammock, it was the best thing for her.

I had worried about bonding with her in a new form but that was never in the equation once I saw her in the box.  Her face changes constantly, depending on the angle and the lighting, giving her so many very human looks.  She hasn’t the typical sweet look with perfect idealized dolly face at all.  There are times she looks positively homely.  But it is this very essence that I love so much about her.  Now that I have spent this first month with her, I know exactly how to bring out what I see in her to her best advantage.

If I could change anything about her, it would be her legs.  I wish they didn’t make such long ones.  I don’t think the legs are well designed they twirl so easily and her left knee joint doesn’t stay locked went sitting, often wonking out.  Standing and posing are wonderful, the knee will stay in place, but if I leave her alone and come back to her, the knee seems to do it’s own thing.  I will be sueding to see if that helps.

I noticed that having Evie with me created a sense of inner peace that I have not had in such a long time dolly-wise.   Audrey and Hammie were delightful fun, so playful and cheerful for me, but Evie is like having a relationship.  I found myself talking to her, interacting with her which is different than just watching Hammie and Audrey play.  Thinking about the differences helps me start the process of what to do with the rest of my dolls and when to stop buying and selling, or at least put off the thoughts until I am ready.  At least I can say that at this point, I am not in any hurry.  I have some ideas, things I will test out when I am home, alone and have the time to sort it all out.  Audrey and Hammie have a nicked a place in my heart, it may be that they stay in the end.  As we are back to talking about shipping our household when the time comes, it makes it easier to consider keeping dolly things.

I watched Evie throughout her first month, trying to see a style, a colouring, something to help me make decisions on her clothing, her room, the toys she might like, the books to read.  As I have confessed so many times, I love historical periods of dress and love to dabble in it.  I have seen some gorgeous Dollstown girls dressed in Victorian style looking so fabulous that I was tempted to go in that direction.  But then I look at Evie and she is just not all all Victorian.  My imagination continues to wrap her up in my own childhood memories and I think that I want us to share that special time together.  When I think of taking her to the places that I played as a child in Denmark, I am just beyond myself with joy.  I would love to re-create the clothing I wore then and be able to take pictures of her in those places. The truck seems to be such a time-less place, so that I think she can sort of hover in the twilight realm of today and yesterday without much of a leap of imagination.  This is a quirk of mine, I like things to make sense.  lol.

As I should be home in a few days, my mind is clicking on all the things I will get to do.  Meeting Mr Hackensack will be interesting, the wedding will be fun and getting Evie all “right” will be a joy.  I want to re-do the sewing room too, it needs organization.  I want to set up Frank’s Place for Frank and Lucy to enjoy and make sure the Hackensacks have their little corner and of course, work on Miette’s room too.  I have lists of things I need, but until I go through a few more unpacked boxes, I won’t know what I did keep.

Well, I am rambling on…..I probably won’t post again until I am home and settled.  Oh…and we have company coming from Denmark!  That ought to be fun, friends of my husband that I have not met yet.

Story: Mallow Folly


Me:  Evie, you look so sad, what the matter sweetie?

Evie:  I want some chocolate, you never let me have any.


Me: you mean like this?

Evie: Is that for me????


Evie: Is it ALL for me?  Can I have it all?

Me:  Why not save half of it for tomorrow?


Evie:  Half? I don’t know how to eat half of a round shape!


Evie: Mmmmm, that was so good!  It was YUMMY!


Me:  I hope you don’t get a tummy ache.  It’s time for bed now.


Evie:  ow. Ow. OW!

Evie May Change Dramatically…Or Not

As we get closer to home-time, my mind is of course on wedding dresses, Evie’s room and of course, her faceup/wig/eye changes.

How I see Evie is very clear cut.  Her personality has been around for a very long time.  It’s not like getting a new doll and wondering who they might be.  I am still in awe that Evie came through so strong in her new body, her younger age.  I am so thankful.

I see Evie as sweet with a good dose of contrariness.  She is definitely sweeter than when she was an adult, but the childishness has come through so delightfully contrasting that sweetness, keeping it in check.  So when I think of her looks and how she “is” inevitably Evie, I see a few possibilities that I definitely want to explore.

Evie in the short pixie wig reminds me of Frankie in Member of the Wedding, tomboyish and  full of growing up angst.  But it is only a part of her, and as much as I love this pixie look, I am missing her sweet side look.  I reviewed the many photo’s I took of wigs and eyes before I did her faceup and I will review them again when I get home.

It was a close tie to this wig:

DSC03246 DSC03303

This was such a sweet look for her and I almost went with it.  It would be easy care on the road.  My hesitation is the red colour, which would put me right back into the cool skin tone.  I am just so use to Audrey’s warm tan skin with her red hair, that it unsettles me with Evie’s skin.  The wig is also too big and would have to be reduced which can so easily change the shape.  But it’s still in the running.

DSC03264 And then there is the pink wig I wanted so much for her to have.  Only this wig was not as pink as it was peach.  The colour threw me, it was not the blonde-pink I had dreamed of.  It is a fabulous wig though, even though it is long, it is thin and falls beautifully.  It also makes perfect braids, not too thick at all.


It definitely brings a nice feminine look, although if it became her hair, I would take some of that length off.  The more I look at it and knowing now that Evie is firmly within this body, I may be able to see her in this wig.  I can’t wait to try it again.  Still, Evie is not the glamour girl, and I am not opting for the traditional BJD Lolita look.  Not with Evie, it’s just not her.  This wig is also too big and needs a few tucks to fit right, and as my experience, sometimes a wig can be greatly improved when the shape is changed.  In the second photo, the wig is sticking out on the sides, but when I cupped my hand over the wig closing the sides to her scalp, I really liked the sweetness it produced.

I could not get the human hair wig to work for her, it was too course and I could not get the hair to lay well, even when dried and taking a curling iron to it.  But before she arrived, I had envisioned her in it.  Still, it made me laugh while I waited for it to dry, she looked so spunky!  Too bad it dried into a bad style.


I also really liked the lambs wools, but I knew they would be a nightmare to care for on the truck and the frequent in and out of her carrier.DSC03223 DSC03344

I even like the wig I had on Older Evie;
DSC03226 DSC03215

The colour is so soft and beautiful. This one really gives her a little girl look.  It could be braided or put into pony tails.  The eyes make a difference.  I loved many of the eyes I tried on her, but they didn’t photograph well.  I am hoping the new ones I bought will combine the blue and the brown in a way that will help whatever wig I choose to bring that “thing” I am looking for in her appearance.

hand craft blue hazel 400

And there is still this new wig I bought to try:

Evie wig

Dreaming……oh I cannot wait to get home!