A Little More

I did not bring any faceup supplies with me, but when Evie was drawing in her sketch book, I saw that she had coloured pencils and some water colours and I got an idea.

I penciled in just a few more hairs on her eye brows and added some red/brown paint in the crease of her mouth.

DSC03771 DSC03829

Before & After

I could immediately see that her mouth showed more depth and length and was better defined and her large brown eyes were subdued by heavier brows.  I like the thicker shape.  When I do her faceup again, it will be darker.  I can’t decide it completely yet, as I am going to be playing around with the new eyes and I did buy one more wig.

hand craft blue hazel 400 These eyes have both brown and blue with an incredible depth.  The wig is more neutral in tone and a little more shaggy, but feminine.

Evie wig

So her faceup colouring will be based on the final eyes and wig used.  I do like her pixie red wig, and it works beautifully on the the truck, I think what is off is the rusty colours of her faceup that doesn’t work because her skin tone is white with a greenish cast.  With no warm tones in her skin, I think she may look healthier with neutral tones.  We’ll see.



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