Letter from Charlotte

Dear Miss Elisa,
I apologize for lacking in my manners in sending you such a brief letter and bringing news that was not fully explained.  I shall attempt to rectify that immediately with this letter to introduce you to my fiancé, Mr. Hackensack.
Oliver was born in London, England and given the name of Oliver Hardly Hackensack.  After completely his schooling, he apprenticed to Haden & Sons, a water works company but soon found that he tired of all the emphasis on pipes and ways to boil water.
Boiling Pans1 dot
Another apprentice at the company became Oliver’s friend.  They shared a dream of going into the service together.  They both longed for excitement.  The water company was all wet as far as they were concerned.
Apprentices to the Water co
So they joined and went through training together.
OH as soldier CO09
Stanley was somewhat annoying to Oliver, but their friendship was dear to them both.  Soon they tired of the service and decided to get a higher education.  They attended college in London.
Oliver decided to get a degree in music, so that he could become a music teacher.  He was somewhat hampered by his inability to sing or play an instrument, but he loved listening to music and talking about it.  Stanley received a degree in Applied Sousaphone.
Olivers music cert
As you can see, he is a certified music teacher.  I am so proud of him, considering my love of music!
As jobs were scarce at the time for music teacher that could not play instruments, Oliver decided to try his hand at cooking.  He could combine his passion for eating with his desire for creativity!
OH as cook
He worked 14 years at the Manhattan Hotel in New York.  He received a certificate for that too!  Appologies for the certificate being somewhat soiled, as he kept it hanging in the kitchen over the stove.

Oliver manhatten hotel
Presently, Oliver is a Swami on 42nd street.

He was doing mind reading with the help of Stanley as his assistant.  Stanley however decided to get married and has left Oliver in favour of pursuing domestic bliss.  I do think this event has guided dear Oliver in my direction.  He explains to me that mind reading must have an assistant so he is currently unemployed.
As you can see, he has education, certificates to prove it and is a well rounded sort of man.  He has excellent manners, is gracious and attentive.  I am absolutely delighted to be in his company.  I am including a picture of wedding dresses I have been looking at.  Any one of them would do.
Charlotte Karin


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