Evie May Change Dramatically…Or Not

As we get closer to home-time, my mind is of course on wedding dresses, Evie’s room and of course, her faceup/wig/eye changes.

How I see Evie is very clear cut.  Her personality has been around for a very long time.  It’s not like getting a new doll and wondering who they might be.  I am still in awe that Evie came through so strong in her new body, her younger age.  I am so thankful.

I see Evie as sweet with a good dose of contrariness.  She is definitely sweeter than when she was an adult, but the childishness has come through so delightfully contrasting that sweetness, keeping it in check.  So when I think of her looks and how she “is” inevitably Evie, I see a few possibilities that I definitely want to explore.

Evie in the short pixie wig reminds me of Frankie in Member of the Wedding, tomboyish and  full of growing up angst.  But it is only a part of her, and as much as I love this pixie look, I am missing her sweet side look.  I reviewed the many photo’s I took of wigs and eyes before I did her faceup and I will review them again when I get home.

It was a close tie to this wig:

DSC03246 DSC03303

This was such a sweet look for her and I almost went with it.  It would be easy care on the road.  My hesitation is the red colour, which would put me right back into the cool skin tone.  I am just so use to Audrey’s warm tan skin with her red hair, that it unsettles me with Evie’s skin.  The wig is also too big and would have to be reduced which can so easily change the shape.  But it’s still in the running.

DSC03264 And then there is the pink wig I wanted so much for her to have.  Only this wig was not as pink as it was peach.  The colour threw me, it was not the blonde-pink I had dreamed of.  It is a fabulous wig though, even though it is long, it is thin and falls beautifully.  It also makes perfect braids, not too thick at all.


It definitely brings a nice feminine look, although if it became her hair, I would take some of that length off.  The more I look at it and knowing now that Evie is firmly within this body, I may be able to see her in this wig.  I can’t wait to try it again.  Still, Evie is not the glamour girl, and I am not opting for the traditional BJD Lolita look.  Not with Evie, it’s just not her.  This wig is also too big and needs a few tucks to fit right, and as my experience, sometimes a wig can be greatly improved when the shape is changed.  In the second photo, the wig is sticking out on the sides, but when I cupped my hand over the wig closing the sides to her scalp, I really liked the sweetness it produced.

I could not get the human hair wig to work for her, it was too course and I could not get the hair to lay well, even when dried and taking a curling iron to it.  But before she arrived, I had envisioned her in it.  Still, it made me laugh while I waited for it to dry, she looked so spunky!  Too bad it dried into a bad style.


I also really liked the lambs wools, but I knew they would be a nightmare to care for on the truck and the frequent in and out of her carrier.DSC03223 DSC03344

I even like the wig I had on Older Evie;
DSC03226 DSC03215

The colour is so soft and beautiful. This one really gives her a little girl look.  It could be braided or put into pony tails.  The eyes make a difference.  I loved many of the eyes I tried on her, but they didn’t photograph well.  I am hoping the new ones I bought will combine the blue and the brown in a way that will help whatever wig I choose to bring that “thing” I am looking for in her appearance.

hand craft blue hazel 400

And there is still this new wig I bought to try:

Evie wig

Dreaming……oh I cannot wait to get home!


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