Perpetual Dolly Issues

So much has happened in my dolly world in the last month that I really haven’t had time to even breathe about it.

Evie’s brown wig is definitely bringing her a new and wonderful dimension.  She catches my breath often and I am enjoying her so much more than before, if that is possible.

But amidst the trunk room, the sewing, the wigging and all the play I was able to have with her in July, something I dreaded reared it’s head.  What to do with the OTHERS.

I did my best to avoid the whole issue by staying busy with Evie.  But on the last day that I was still in Colorado and packing my suitcase, I realized that I could not fit the baby quilt and clothes and all the rest, so I decided to go ahead and mail a box to Hawaii to save on the amount of stuff to haul with me on the plane.

I only needed a small box, so I looked in the sewing room and pulled down what looked like the perfect box, and when I opened it, there was Pandora.  It clenched my heart.  I lifted her out and she immediately curled into my hand and had the sweetest smile on her face.  I didn’t want her to do this to me.  I sat her in the basket chair and tried to pack the box.  But I came back to her and held her again.  I still think of all the bjd’s I have ever held, the DZ tinies are the best.  Darn it.

I came really close to reaching up for the box I knew held Audrey and Hammie.  I hesitated.  What am I going to do?  It’s like I am afraid to see their sweet faces.  I know, it seems like a big to do over nothing.  I mean most people have no trouble with multiple well loved dolls.  I want just one, but love  several.  Sigh.

And of all the crazy things, I wished I had plopped Audrey, Hammie and Pandy in my carrier and brought them with me.  I had made it a whole month without looking at them.  Now I wish I could see them, yet I don’t.  Grrr.  I am still not ready to decide.  The thing that made me think of it this morning was that I was wishing Evie didn’t have such long flippy legs.  I haven’t tried hot gluing them yet, it is definitely on the list of things to do.

Evie has made a friend of my youngest grandson, but he is a bit rough with her, liking to swing her by the arms.  He is fascinated by her foods and toys and of course wants to play with them.  I have to hide her stuff.   It was cute when he said “Gramma, I am going to see your girl”.   I finished a couple of outfits I had made for her and she looks so perfectly Evie.

 DSC07373 DSC07361



Travel Day

I am finally in Hawaii.  I took only a few photo’s so far, the time difference is getting me, so I need some rest before I am ready to play again.

Evie was with me and freaked out the TSA guards.  It nearly got me into trouble as they doubled checked her.  One said she looked so “real”.  I was ready to say she was, but I didn’t want have any further delays.  Sheesh.  Ignorant TSA agents!




The stewardess said Evie could stay on the seat since I was sitting alone as long as she was strapped in.


But once we got on the second plane, she had to ride in the overhead bin.

Here she is in Hawaii, laying on the bed that once was where my daughter and I slept.  It was the first first piece of furniture I bought with my own money after high school.  I am tickled that I am now sleeping in it again.

DSC07353 That mirror was in my apartment when my daughter was growing up too.  So many memories.


My daughter had greeted me at the airport with a real flower lei

DSC07344 It smelled so good!

Here is my daughter and I and my granddaughter to be.  lol


My grandboys Brandon and Joseph:


DSC07337 and the youngest, Mikey, who was way too busy showing me he could climb a ladder now.

Not much today, I am still recouping and resting and being mugged by boys.  Evie and I slept like a rock all night.  We were pretty tired.

Evie Just Sparkles

It was not a planned thing.  I was really stressed and sad yesterday and needed a project to occupy myself with.  I had noticed that there was an uneven blush on Evie’s right cheek, it looked as though I had wiped a spot before sealing it.  My eyes are just not as good as they use to be.  I really did not want to re do her faceup, I liked it.

I thought that since I use pastels, I could just blend more blush over the spot and add another coat of sealer.  I took her glued wig off, and decided to try a couple of wigs while I had the chance.

DSC07202 I don’t know what it is about this very pretty wig, but I just can’t do it.

DSC07212 This is such a cute wig too.  But it is too big and it’s red, and Evie just doesn’t seem right in red.  I happen to love red, so this is odd to me that I don’t see Evie in it.

DSC07196 When I plopped this wig on…I knew it was something special.  I was intrigued.

On with the touch-up, I gave her eyebrows a couple more strokes, added a fine and light batch of lower lashes, a bit more red to her lips.  I got the cheeks blended and was very pleased.  Something so tender sprang out of Evie, that it made me take a deep breath.  I saw her older side come through.  When I put her eyes back in, I felt overwhelming love for her, like what was happening was seeing once again, a deeper side to Evie. 

I washed the brown wig (with a skin base, it needs to be wet to shape around the head) and put it on Evie.

DSC07239 I played around with the shaping, looking for the right balance of curls.

DSC07245 I kept thinking, this is such a different look, she looks older, but with so much more personality than just cute.  Evie has never been a beauty in the traditional sense.  I see her as almost homely, but with personality.  Not just cute, not just pretty.  There was something about the wildness of the hair, the messy-ness of it that appealed to me, even though these types of wigs are harder to care for.

DSC07238 I put some darker and longer lashes on and instantly hated it.  I put the very short brown lashed back on and it was just right.

DSC07254 There she was!  Evie!  I about danced around the apartment…I saw her shining through.    Sulky, observant, quirky, all of her personality just was there all at once.  It wasn’t just a glimpse of one or the other…ALL was there in one moment.

DSC07259 We waited for the hair to dry.  When nearly dried, but still damp, I added glue and reshaped and positioned it with a side part.  Evie was very pleased with her older look.

DSC07261 It was hard to wait, but we talked while I worked on the hand sewing of the baby dress.  Evie seemed so at ease with her new look.

DSC07279 When it was dry, I gently brushed it out which instantly thicken the wig and made it poofier.  Now you can see her brows and her wonderfully pouty face.  She almost looks as thought she is vintage and modern at the same time.  I never achieved that combination before.

DSC07303 DSC07316



Leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning!  Time to pack!

The Hedgehog

I went to my parents house yesterday (who are the guardians of our mail) and met the hedgehog I had found on eBay a month ago.

The seller just put him in a tyvek envelope, no padding, no box.  I am amazed he survived mailing, and more than irritated that a vintage item like this would not be put in a box.  Luckily, he seemed fine and there was no damage.  While having dinner with my parents, I put him and Evie aside.  I could see they were talking, but I was too far away to hear what they said.





The oddest thing, was when I arrived, my mother asked how her “granddaughter” was doing and actually held and looked Evie over and admired her glasses.  I smiled.

Evie is dressing herself by the way.  I tried to convince her to put on some sensible shoes, but she insisted on wearing moccasins.  At least I talked her out of the lobster socks.

Evie’s Morning

The days of leisure are soon ended.  I leave for Hawaii on Wednesday morning.  Where did the time go?  lol.

I was going to make a bedspread or coverlet for Evie’s bed, but didn’t have any fabric that was suitable.  I had her old down comforter, so I decided just make a duvet cover.  I was saving this fabric for Charlotte, but it was the only one that went with the bedroom, so it was used.  I really liked it.  I then made a chair pad for the vanity chair.  I also re-worked a few vintage doll clothes and generally just played with Evie.  She has been such a wonderful companion, I have been so pleased and happy with her.

I watched Evie start her morning:











I just love this room for her.  There is a strong pull to my own childhood in the look of it.  Although I had set out for a modern and bright look, this room has an enchantment to it that I love just pulling up a chair and sitting with Evie. 

I am way behind on sewing.  I want to make at least a pair of regular jeans and a pair of jean shorts as I have made several summer tops that need plain jeans.  This will be the end of summer sewing for this year.  In September I will decide on the fall pieces, perhaps a few velour tops, a nice sweater and such.  I’d like to make a plaid dress for her too.

It really depends on how much I can get done this morning on the baby dresses.  I am visiting my parents this afternoon and I want to be able to mail the box out to my daughter tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.  So between getting the jeans made for Evie and the baby dress and bonnet, I don’t know how much time I will have for Charlotte’s wedding dress.  I feel sad I let that slid to the wayside and I am sure she is quite disappointed in me, but perhaps I can still manage to give it go.  Once I am at the machine, I can sew pretty fast.  If I can’t manage it, it will have to wait until September, where I should have a week or two before getting back on the truck.  I have to say that Ollie and Charlotte are a perfect couple together.  They just glow with happiness in each other company.

Sewing Room Completed

Last night I finished up the last of the sewing room mess I created while organizing it.  I have to laugh sometimes how major projects like these make a mess of their own.  It’s been so hodge-podge as we have only been home briefly and I scrambled to do my creative stuff half out of boxes and tubs.  Now I feel as though I have a real work room.  I got the idea to use the clothing poles by tying a few baskets up so that I can put current projects in them so that I don’t clutter up the table.  Click to enlarge any photo.

DSC07115 I decided to use Evie’s rug as a mat for when I am working on dolls.

DSC07116 I put my patterns in a file drawer for easy access.

DSC07117 All trims, snaps, buttons, ribbons, beads…are all in their own drawer, plus one drawer is filled with embroidery and needle point stuff and all my knitting needles and crochet hooks are in their containers.  My sewing books on top and another hanging basket of yarn.  The hanging cloth bag is my “trash” for threads and cut fabrics.  Everything is within reach of my chair.

DSC07124 These drawers have art supplies, tools, tape and glue sort of things.  Under it is another huge basket of yarn.  The red basket above is for keeping an upcoming project.  The basket swing is for Evie (or anyone else) who wants to keep me company.  I need to make a chair pad for it.

Above, I arranged the rooms “a bit” just to get the ball rolling on that.  I will get a foam board and make the divider walls with wallpaper on the next home time. 

DSC07119 For 10 inch dolls.

DSC07120 Frankie Baby.

DSC07122 Lucy’s Apartment

DSC07121 Oh, and Olivia.  I guess I don’t have to wonder what to do with that second pair of glasses.  I think I woke her up with turning the light on.

DSC07123 I’ve got two American Girl size horses, I really don’t know what to do with them, but I can’t let them go.  You never know when a horse will come in handy.

I think today I will sew up the pieces I cut for Evie on the last run but did not hand-sew as I had planned.  I would rather sew on the machine.  Then start the baby clothes for my unborn granddaughter.  I want to mail them out before I leave (in ONE week!). 

Oh, and Miss Evie-O says good morning!