Home-Time Catch-up

Oh my goodness, I don’t know where to start or leave off….

Mr. Hackensack is a delight!  I love his jovial face and looks so fun next to Charlotte!  They are the same height, with Oliver perhaps a few centimeters taller.  They seem to be in a decent scale to each other, although Ollie has very thin and short legs for his rotund body.  His skin is quite yellow next to Charlotte’s perfect white, but I try and tone it down with some blush to those fat cheeks.  Much more on this union later.


I fixed the little broken Halbig head.  Whomever tried to fix her before used pink FROSTED nail polish.  It was a bear to get that off, and I still have a bit more to remove that I can see reflected in the light. Otherwise, the repair was clean, I re-enforced the crack on the inside with modeling goop made for repairs and will use the same goop to fill in her chip on the cheek.  I will then blush her up to cover, but it will probably still show and I don’t really care.  When I have time, I will attempt to carve a body for her, or find one on eBay.  Her head is smaller than Miette’s, but I think she would make a perfect younger sister, size wise.

Evie Olive.  Oh what a wonder she is to my heart!  I removed her faceup, cleaned her up (trucking is certainly dirty) and started on the new faceup.  I worked her in peach tones, getting her eyebrows in a ash brown and her lips a darker reddish colour than the pink she had before.  I loved the end result and with the beautiful new eyes and wig, she just really came together.  I am not 100% though on the faceup, as sometimes I still see too much “rusty” tones and would like more pinkish).  I have sealed this one very well, so I will think on it for awhile.  It suits her, so maybe it’s just the artist’s eye who never see’s things as finished.

 DSC04111 DSC03909 Before

DSC06605 After

DSC06619 DSC06594

The wig is adorable, easy to care for, but will crush easily in the back when she lays down.  I am not sure how that will work in the end, but her wig is staying one quite well so far without glue, so perhaps now and then I can refresh the style with a wash.

The eyes, well, what can I say?  They are fabulous.  I am so glad I forked out the excess money on them.  They not only have the most incredible depth, but seem to suit her as though they belong to her, being a part of her.  I see Evie in those eyes.  I think they are called Hand Glass Craft, or some order of those words, they are made, I believe in England, but I don’t have the info handy.

Here are the few things I bought when I was out on the road:

DSC06557 Sand pail set (with beach ball and goggles) for the beach, panda shoes, pale blue shoes and boots (I plan on making a pale blue winter coat), darker blue shoes, and a set of antique tiny real shell buttons.  All are for Miette and Charlotte. 

For Hawaii, Evie has a beach chair, pail set, bathing suit, towel and grass skirt!  I can’t wait to take photo’s of her on the Hawaiian beach!

Lastly – Evie’s room.  I did spend a lot of time with the scrapbook papers at Hobby Lobby trying to decide on a wallpaper design and colour.  I found a couple that I liked, but not enough to say THIS IS IT.  I couldn’t decide on whether to make all of the panels in the same wallpaper, or have coordinating patterns and colours.  I couldn’t decide on whether to go with a design, or a child’s print.  So I gave up and decided to think on it some more.  Perhaps when I can shop without feeling like I need to get home and fix dinner for Husband, I can take all the time in the world to pick out the right colours.

DSC06620 I really don’t like the dark blue paint, and I want to blend everything well.  I also want to find a rug.  Perhaps I ought to start with the rug as that will probably be the hardest to find and go with the colours in the rug.

Next two days are the last with Husband, so I won’t be able to get too much into any doll play until later in the week.


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