Oliver, the Orphan and the Hedgehog

I took Oliver’s clothes off to investigate why his arms stick out and his legs felt weird under his trousers.

DSC06624 DSC06625

I tried very hard not to laugh out loud, but Ollie was good humoured about it all.  Chicken legs and a badly made body.  So I will be giving him a new body today.

I also blushed his face a bit and it made a big difference in his jaundiced appearance.


I also worked on the little Halbig head, she is so sweet.  That pink nail polish and glue repair job was a bear to remove.  I now have her nice and solid, but the crack is noticeable and the chip after being filled in and given a bit of pastel to match her rosy cheeks, well, it looks like a scar.  I still need to sand the “scar” so perhaps I can get it matched a bit better.  The poor dear is pulling on my heart strings.  I am determined to make her a living little girl again.  I don’t have any eyes to fit her, so I will be on the hunt today. 

halbig 2


DSC06633 DSC06634

And just because I had to…..this little 9 inch made in Germany, bought in Russia hedgehog is coming to live with us.

Porcupine Doll


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