Finds, Ollie’s Body, Eyes.

Yesterday was filled with getting Husband on the truck and shopping!

I found so many things that would suit Evie, but put several pieces back because I am still not sure how I want her room to look.  I did find a round table with curvy legs, a rocking chair and lots of bows on clips for her hair.  I also found infant pillow cases in cute child patterns that will work perfect as fitted sheets on her bed.  And a few toys for her to play with.  Oh, and some princess books.

DSC06650 I will paint the table and possibly the rocker when I decide on her room colours.

I finished Ollie’s body:

Before and after:

DSC06624 DSC06635 It took three tries at making a pattern shape, but I finally got the overall shape I wanted.  Keeping the same over all size of the original body, I put all of his weight to the front and gave him the ability to move his arms and legs and to sit down.  Most of the stuffing in the old body was actually in his back!  I really like his belly in front, it’s more realistic. I couldn’t help but noticed that he beamed when in the right shape!

DSC06637 Here you can see the blushing I gave him to liven up his sallow complexion.  My husband laughed, because I gave him a belly button!

I ordered antique glass eyes for the little head in brown. 

Antique eyes for little girl

I will make her a wig out of materials I already have.  But she will have to wait, right now I am in the midst of cleaning the apartment and shopping.  After my Husband hung some of our pictures up, the apartment looked homey and I want to work on making it look the best it can and not like a warehouse of boxes.  So dolly things will take a side step for a couple of days until the apartment is completed (including organizing the sew room) so that I can relax and play and carve a body for the little one.


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