Busy Little Bee

Ack, so many projects that I think I am overwhelming myself! 

The apartment is done, even though it takes daily work to keep it that way!  While I haven’t accomplished all the sorting out in the sewing room as I wanted to, I will be doing it as I go.  I like that I have drawers close to Evie’s room and the other 2 rooms, I will give them each a drawer for their clothes and shoes (two for Evie’s massive collection) and store all the SD stuff in a box.  Still not ready to deal with that yet, or the little ones.  Quiet honestly, I don’t have the room for them to have rooms.  Sigh.  I have the shelf that goes around the top of the sewing room that I want to do something with…..we’ll see what I come up with.

I have yet to start on Charlotte’s wedding dress.  I am ready to do that now, so today I will look through my stuff for appropriate fabric and trim.  One of the finds I recently had at the thrift shop was Doll Reader and a few other brands of doll magazines from the 1980’s and 90’s.  I sat down and flipped through them all and chose about 20 of them!  They were .99 each, so I had to be choosy.  Lots of them had patterns in them, two for wedding dresses for China’s!  What luck!

Evie’s room is still bugging me.  I thought last night that maybe a soft yellow and sky blue would be a nice colour combination.  I also thought that maybe if I bought yellow, red, white and blue enamel paint, I could mix my own colours and be able to coordinate the rug in with the trunk and furniture.  It sure would be a colourful room!  I’ll have to go to the paint shop and see if I can get small cans of the paint, otherwise it would be too much.  I may just get some colour samples to bring home and see what works with the rug.

Yesterday I finally got hooked up to our new printer and printed out some paper doll sets for Evie, made her a passport and even a shot record, birth certificate and a report card.  Her papers are all in order now.  lol.  Actually I found blanks online and filled in her name.  I have Ollie’s and Charlottes marriage certificate ready too.  That was a lot of fun to play with.  I also can now scan in so many of the patterns I have drawn up myself so I can use them again and again.  See what I means….so many projects to get done!


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