Shopping Spree



I went shopping yesterday to get paint for Evie’s trunk room and ended up back in a thrift shop and the Antique Mall instead.  I was too tired to make it to the paint shop so I skipped it.   Evie went with me of course, and I brought my lunch since I knew I would be out most of the day.  I love this pet tote to carry her in, it’s lightweight and easy and I feel good that she is comfortable.  I can see her through the mesh too.

More finds.  Sheesh, I need to stay out of the shops!  Husband is going to faint when he sees how much I have spent while he’s been on the road (I have internet access, he doesn’t).  So he can’t check just yet. 

I found some fabric for Charlotte’s wedding dress.  I was going to use whatever I had on hand, but I could not resist this piece for $2:


Anyways, I found more doll clothes.  One huge stuffed bag of Barbie clothes, including a couple of nice Ken clothes that will go to Frank Sinatra. 

DSC06871 DSC06869

I also found some clothes for Evie at my favourite doll booth at the Antique Mall.

DSC06863 The vintage clothes look so cute on her.  I love these tailored shorts, perfect for Hawaii:


Since these bags of clothes have mixed clothing, I ended up with some baby clothes too….perfect for my baby Emily.  I don’t usually mention her in my dolly babblings, as she is my little secret play, reserved for me when I need to nurture.

DSC06861 DSC06859

There was also one small bag of clothes that had two pairs of eyeglasses in them, one really small and one that fit Evie to a silly T.

DSC06875 She LOVES them and she made me laugh so many times with those owl eyes.

DSC06876 That’s my Evie, deadpan seriousness.  This outfit brought back memories of when as an teen, she dressed in a similar way and wore a straw hat.  Liza Doolittle.

There was a pair of old doeskin shoes too:


While at the Antique Mall, the seller I always hit up for the doll clothes (and she had a LOT this time) also had an old composition girl that kept pulling at me.  She was about 14-16 inches tall and so sweet.  She was in good condition, grazing but no peeling or missing compo.  Her face paint was good but her brown eyes were clouded, one eye no longer had a pupil.  She was $65 with 10% off.  I was tempted, I liked how she felt in my hands, heavy and solid, but I heard Evie squirming in the carrier and I came to my senses.  I really have no need of a new doll as my doll situation is not about acquiring, but about reducing.  She had on the most adorable thin cotton dress in red and white which I would have loved to have snagged for Evie, but I sure did snag plenty of other fun and vintage clothes as it is.  This seller bags clothes for about $3 a bag, sometimes there are several pieces, sometimes just one.  All are vintage.

As I continued to hunt for more dolls, I was glad the pricing was out of my reach and none actually tug at my sleeve.  I still thrill at seeing them and wondering about their histories and lives, but I have my Evie and that is enough.


Today I am going to sort through my fabrics and trims, get them organized.  I am tired of tearing up everything in tubs and boxes, so I am going to clear off the shelf above my sewing table and stack the fabric there so I can see what I need.  Everything becomes a jumbled mess when I am searching for a trim or a fabric.  I hate it when I exclaim…oh!  I forgot all about that piece!


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