A Birth Story

Wow..yesterday was certainly a major life experience.  I am currently here in Hawaii to see the birth of my granddaughter and help out when my son-in-law was to be in training during the month of August.  I was present for the 2 c-sections of my grand boys, one was born right after the doctor told us all to leave because he wasn’t coming any time soon!  lol.

My daughter has had complications in all of her pregnancies except this one.  She was determined to have an unassisted home birth.  Our first fear was that since this was her 5th pregnancy, she would come early, before I arrived.  Since she was due Aug 12, I arrived July 28th.  But she didn’t come on time, nor for 2 weeks afterwards. The next fear was that Daddy would miss the birth, but he finished his training and came back, still no birth.  My daughter was fighting the doctors who all wanted either to induce her or have another c-section.  Since they are in the military, this refusal for medical intervention can affect her husband’s job.  So there was that stress on top of a baby who just didn’t show any indication she wanted to come out and play.  I was actually beginning to believe I would miss her birth entirely as I leave on Thursday.

Finally, her fluid was getting too low and the doctor insisted that if the baby wasn’t born by Saturday (yesterday) that she would have to be admitted and something done, it was now 17 days past the due date.  My daughter was packing the suitcase to take to the hospital and broke down crying, which was so painful to hear.  She has never been able to have the birth that she wanted, all were controlled by doctors and hospitals.  Fate intervened and she went into labour  sometime early Saturday morning.  Long story, but the day was filled with anxiety and emotion as her husband and I stayed with her throughout her labor and delivery at home, in a birthing pool.  It was so emotional, so absolutely terrifying and wondrous all at the same time.  This birth was unassisted, my daughter did everything herself, monitoring the baby’s heart beat (she is an RN in the NIC U) giving birth, delivering the placenta, cutting the cord and everything.  I was astounded at her courage and determination to have a birth she chose.  My granddaughter was born after 13 hours of labor.  Her name is, Ryah Faye, weighed in at 9 lbs.  She is a beauty!  She was born in the caul, which is a sign of good luck and a great destiny!


DSC08264 You can see her caul after it was pulled from her head and face.

DSC08299 She looks just like her mother did when she was born. 


DSC08384 She gets measured and weighed.

DSC08411 This is me with Ryah, not 1 hour old!

Oh, and before I forget….that Friday at the beach?  My last chance to see the ocean before I leave?  I am burnt to a crisp for the second time!  I should be peeling just in time for my flight back to the mainland.  I wonder if that will help me secure a seat all to myself?  lol


It Finally Happened.

Honestly, I really never thought that old Evie’s body would or could be sold.  But an interested buyer finally made a commitment and I have already received and spent the funds and she will be shipped upon my return home.  No eyes, wig or clothing.  Just her shell.  In a thousand ways, I am glad for that, as it helps me continue to see her as a shell.

I am also glad that little Evie has become the companion I missed so much.  I love her and feel such a strong bond, but again, honestly….it is her personality, her essence that I love, my concept of her and it really doesn’t matter what body she is in, as long as I sense her there.  So out with the old and in with the new.  I am fine about it all.

I considered a few times about keeping the old body and seeing if I could re-create a new person, but I knew I would be stuck with the same old problem of space and size and the leaving behind of dolls.   It’s my Evie that I am so happy with and while I will always enjoy other characters and continue to love dolls, I am feeling that old contentment that I felt when I first found Evie in 2006 and the bond continues on.


I am one week away from leaving Hawaii.  Still no granddaughter, and I am feeling really sad about it.  She could have been two weeks old today, but now it’s just getting too weird and my daughter’s mood is really down.  The acupuncture she had done didn’t work to induce labour.  I know she doesn’t want to have another c-section, so unless this baby decides to be born, I have no idea what will happen.  My due date was May 1, 1978, but my daughter was born on May 18, 1978.  I told her the baby is just like her mother, but my daughter wasn’t amused.  I don’t blame her.

Anyways, I am thinking about what I will do when I get home.  I can’t wait to refinish the Schoenhut.  Husband says it doesn’t look like there is any wood damage, just chipped paint.  So I am thinking I will be stripping her down to the bare wood and possibly re-sculpting her face somewhat.  I am bringing two dolls home that I found in a thrift shop…I thought the guy looked a bit Hawaiian, and I cannot resist a Barbie that has joints.

DSC07997 They are bar patrons for Franks Place.  This girl had to have a head switch, the one that was on this body was too gruesome.  I liked this head better.  I think he was making sure it was firmly attached.  lol.

Evie has a brown bob wig waiting for her.  If it isn’t the “one” I plan on taking a trip up to Denver Doll to find a wig.  I love this mohair/wool wig she has on, but it is so hard to care for when she is so active.  I also think it makes her look older than she is.   So much to do!

Come on out to play little granddaughter!



I realize that I am not writing much about Evie these days, but I can definitely say she is with me always and bringing me great comfort.  I often wake up before the rest of the household and so I wake up Evie and we just spend some quiet moments in bed thinking together. 


We think of clothes that need to be made, sweaters that need to be knitted.  All will have to wait until we are home or on the truck again. 


Right now I have been knitting for the baby.

My daughter is a photographer, so she wanted me to make some costumes to photograph the baby in (when she is finally born).  she found a big bowl shaped like a sea shell, so I made a mermaid costume with a headdress:


and a hat, she wanted a long tail:


and the two vintage pattern dresses I made from vintage fabric that belonged to a great aunt:

DSC08071 They are draped over the arm of a sofa, so they are not in their best presentation, but they turned out really nice.

My daughter has been contracting, but it is not really hitting the big time yet.  we thought she was heading into labour yesterday as they were consistent and fairly strong, but she slept most of the night and so we wait again today.  She was due on the 12th and it is now the 20th, so she is one crabby woman.

A Wooden Dear

Today is my granddaughter’s due date, but she isn’t the slightest bit interested in being born.  We are not straying far from the house these days.

One of the most interesting things that I have been noticing, is that since Evie came back to me in the form of Dollstown Seola, I have not had one moment of desire for another doll.  I have been trying to sell 3 other dolls, but no luck and the fees were getting too expensive on eBay to keep relisting them.  The only doll at this point in time I would be interested in, is a wooden doll.  I check for them now and then, but nothing has come of it.  They are usually way too expensive or too small or too large….something doesn’t fit right.

I came across a Schoenhut for $99.  I have long watched the availability of these little dears, missing the two I once had and sold.  I had stripped them down to the bare wood and refinished them in the natural wood.  I saw this little 16” girl looking like she really needed some attention.  I talked to my husband about her and he agreed, if I managed to snag her at that price, it was worth it.  I put a bid on her and won!  I am shocked, as schoenhuts always have bids on them and they rarely go for under $200, even Miss Dolly.  I think the only reason she may not have had bids on her was that she has had her face repainted (badly) and there is a lot of paint damage.  While original paint can be worn off and fingers or toes missing and the price can still go high, I know many collectors don’t like repaints.  For me, it is fabulous, because I prefer natural wood dolls anyways.  So, here is my next major project:

Schoenhut The seller says she is great condition, joints all working good and no damage to fingers or toes.  When I stripped the other two down, I could see the burn marks to the wood from the heat press mold on the side of the head.  I may need to stain her dark like I did with the others, but I won’t know until I see her without paint.  I am pretty excited, even though I have no desire for more….lol.  I think it is more the “project” aspect than anything else.  She looks huge in the photo, but she is actually smaller than Evie!  Her feet are 2 inches long, the same as Evie’s!

Finds for Evie in Honolulu


The last couple of days we have been hitting a couple of thrift shops, one in Waipahu (sp?) and one in Honolulu.  I found a few things for Evie to play with, a Curious George toy, a hula dancer doll and a pretty pony-unicorn.

My daughter found her a Kimono and then I found the wooden wooden shoes.  She bought some doll clothes, which I got some of the Barbie clothes and the smiley shirt and blue shorts for Evie.

DSC07963 DSC07964

All fit Evie so perfectly!  Before I started the trucking thing, I had seriously looked at flipper carriers as a potential doll carrier.  Well, I found a small one, that held a child’s size pair of flippers.  PERFECT!  My youngest grandson got the flippers and I got the carrier!

DSC07970 DSC07967

DSC07971 DSC07973

DSC07977 What is so nice about this carrier is that she can breathe through the mesh on top. she can see out and I can wear in on my back.  I am thinking that this will be the perfect carrier for the truck, as it is so small and thin and won’t take up too much room.  The mattress and pillow I made for the red carrier fits in it to make a quick travel bed too!  I am very pleased with this find. 

I also found a jointed Barbie and a GI Joe type guy that looks Hawaiian (bar patrons for Frank’s Place).  I know, I have to be careful about getting this stuff back home!