Allina and……..

Well, well.  What can I say.   Mikko is completely to blame.  Sisko tells me that Mikko is a name in Finnish fairytales for a fox.  Thus he has red hair and, well, getting his way with ease.  I never could refuse a fox a favour. 

mikko_2  I mean, who can resist this cheerful face?  He will soon be following Allina’s arrival.  I’ve been tricked by a fox, somehow, someway. (photo by Sisko).


I think I am in a state of dolly bliss.  It’s the planning that is so fun.  What clothes?  What adventures await?  Just as a reminder, I do have the following dolls on auction:


Oliver Hardy-


Soom Uyoo  –


Odom Gene –


Halbig Head –


Dollzone Ami –


Knitting disasters 101

Sitting in the drivers lounge at the Yard, I worked on the sweater and watched a film on my laptop.  When I was done with the second front panel, I was dismayed to see I forgot to add the coloured stripe along the bottom.  Sigh.  Knitting Disasters come from not paying attention.


DSC09934  Poor dear Allina.  She is coming from a home that has the very finest in knitting to a home where I cannot even get s single stripe on a simple sweater.  I am going to embroider a large A for Allina on the spot and pretend it was my intention all along.  Think she’ll believe it?


DSC09939 I worked the neckline while we waited for the dispatcher to give us a load assignment..


DSC09944 My hope is that it won’t fit Allina at all and she can avoid any embarrassment.  lol.

Allina’s Sweater? Maybe

DSC09931 The sweater for Allina is going well.  It’s wider than would fit Evie (MSD) and longer than would fit an SD, a bit smaller than would fit American girl….how’s that for me just guessing at what size to make and it’s all in my head anyways?  lol.  I haven’t a clue if it will fit, but there is always a dolly that needs a winter sweater, so it will find a body to dress somewhere.


I have some lovely cream wool and also some baby blue wool.  I will make a cream sweater for her and then do a traditional ski type sweater with designs in it.  I would like to get some red wool and knit a Christmas dress.  There is one place in Colorado that I know of with exceptional yarns and although breathtakingly expensive, I would rather pick out this yarn by colour than chance ordering it online and it ends up being the wrong red.  I imagine little white hearts along the hemline.


We are at the Yard, should be able to leave tomorrow and keep running until we get that load that takes us back to Colorado in a week or so.  I am getting anxious to meet Allina!  I will also have a china head waiting.   Wow…lots of excitement ahead!

My Little inspiration

About another week, week and a half and we will get home.  This is now the time that I start to plan out what to take off the truck, what to accomplish while home, what to bring back on the truck…etc.


The basket chair was not necessary and not used and only served to get in the way, so that is coming off the truck.  As we are still dealing with heat issues and temp fluctuations, my resin girls are going to stay home and Allina will come with me on the next run.  Not only do I believe that wood will be the best solution for a companion on a truck, but I would like to get to know her, one on one without any distractions, plus I can work on a winter wardrobe for her.  I will take back the furniture I brought, leaving the fold out bed and bring a few books so that Allina can learn English and Danish, she remains Finnish in her nationality.  I also want to print a photo of Jussi and Mikko to put in a miniature frame I have so that Allina will have something of her past to have if she starts to feel homesick.  I have a couple of miniature photo albums, perhaps I can print out some of Siskos photos of the local lake and forest for her to have a whole album of her life in Finland.  That would be a fun project!


Of course this means leaving Evie behind on the next run and I honestly do not know how I feel about that.  It will be a good “test” for me and for her.  Yet, I have to admit that Evie’s legs have been difficult on the truck and frustrating every time I have picked her up and have to twist her legs around.  I constantly worry about the intense heat that builds up on top of the truck and penetrates down on the dolls.  I am putting them down by the air conditioner vents, but then I worry about the cold temp difference and of course, having them up front in the harsh sunlight….it seems I spend more time worrying than enjoying their presence.  My hope is that Allina is the answer.  I had thought about Jollyann, but she is an antique, so I had a bit of worry about bringing her too.  I worried about Miette getting a cracked head, the tiny ones getting lost….trucking is so rough, so bouncy, so limited.  I really need a companion that is hardy and can wear simple, practical clothes and live frugally.  From what Sisko has told me, she seems to be a country folk type and I am sure she is the perfect one that will fit in this crazy lifestyle just fine.


My mind is filled with going over some items that will be exclusively hers.  I have a lovely pewter mug, a plain pottery bowl, a lovely silver spoon and a red leather photo album that will be just for her.  I will make a quilt by hand for her too, that is something I can work on in the truck.  So far, I think I will have enough time to make these things while home:


  • Slip or chemise
  • Drawers with a tie or button (would really like to try the old method of making a crocheted button.
  • Grey wool skirt
  • Brown wool plaid skirt
  • stockings, brown, black and cream
  • Simple hooded cape.
  • flannel night gown

I think that some clothing I have made for Jollyann will fit, so I can’t make some of the above items, I do already have a couple of dresses, a nightgown and a cape.  I am inspired to try my hand at knitting socks too….woolen socks on wooden legs just seem right.  lol. 


I love how she is inspiring me before she even arrives!

Knobby Sweater for Allina

I started a sweater for Allina last night. 




I have no idea of her actual size, but it doesn’t matter whether the sweater will fit her, what matters is that I need something to do in the wait time, and it helps me envision the ideas of future clothing.  Sisko says she was made with the early 20th century in mind and I think that I can see her along that time period.  Something about “homespun” seems right, something about my childhood, something about Europe at that time, I feel a very strong pull about her origins and her representation.   I think of the wool and knobby cotton yarns I have that never seemed quite right for Evie. 


I think of that grey wool fabric I have, the soft cottons, and the leather I have saved for shoe making.  I worked in the wooden shoes for Jollyann, but perhaps they will fit Allina too.  SO much fun to dream and imagine a new companion’s potential.  Funny, I have all these yarns of more rustic colouring, natural in fiber content and they just didn’t seem suitable to little girls or old antiques, suddenly they seem perfect for Allina.  Since I won’t have time to sew on my machine when I get home (at least not more than an afternoon or so) Allina may end up with a lot of knitted garments for winter.  I think I will make her a grey wool skirt and just knit sweaters for now….oh!  and I have love brown plaid wool too!  I’ll make two skirts.  I have a huge smile on my face…..I love the excitement of planning each little detail.

Organizing the dolls

The sorting of my dolly world is almost done.  I have broken down my dolly world into these groups:


The BisquesMiette and Henri (antiques)  I will practice making clothing in the late Victorian era for these two.

The China’sCharlotte (antique)  Sarabonde (reproduction) both will become my “French  fashion” dolls, their garments will be made in the style of the mid-Victorian era.  Included here is Charlotte’s baby Kameko who is a vintage Japanese gofun baby.

The Vinyl’sSinatra, Lucy and 2 other 12 inch vinyl dolls (all for future photostories)

The Little’s – Girl of Many Lands Neela and someday Yupik, the miniature world I adore.

The ResinsEvie (Dollstown Seola), Audrey and Hammie (Dollzone BB’s Ani and Kay)

The OthersOlivia the Pig, Holger the Hedgehog, GML girl from India are all special character dolls for occasional photostories of their own, in the “fantasyland” genre.

The WoodensJollyann (Antique Schoenhut) and Allina (modern carving by Sisko of Finland)


With the upcoming major changes I will be going through, I have found some relief in organizing my dolly world, trying to find simple solution to the many things I will soon face.  I started the process by writing in the evenings, everything I could think of about each doll I owned.  Histories, backstories, inventory of their clothing and things….after awhile I discovered that I was at a loss for the reason some of them were a part of my doll world that was taking shape.  Asking myself what I wanted and needed from each of my dolls, I soon found which doll filled that need and everything started to fall into place, much to my great relief.


I want antiques and I have a couple.  I want a lady doll to dress, I have that in Charlotte.  I have my fine resins that I enjoy for their realism.  I want goofy soap-opery characters to make a story someday and have that in the 12 inch fashion doll crowd.  I have the odd ones (The Others) to fill in the fantasy side I love so much, with a pig and a hedgehog, I am sure they will bring a delight.  The girl from India will be my miniature.  Someday I want to get the Inuit girl too.  They can take over the dollhouse miniatures I love and cannot let go of.  And then, the ultimate of my dolly dreams….I have my woodens.  My Schoenhuts that I refinished a couple of years ago and sold have been the only dolls I sincerely regret selling. I missed them so much and bringing Jollyann home and refinishing her brought that all back and I want to explore this more.


In my hunt for another wooden, I was offered the chance to own one of Sisko’s fabulous hand carved dolls.  Beyond the fabulous opportunity to have one of her dolls, when I saw the photo of the wooden, I was so excited to find she was perfect in every way that I need for a wooden doll to be.  No cloth body, well formed limbs, a cheerful face, and not thin and fragile.  She is about the same size of my Schoenhut, and should be able to share clothing with her.  I love that she has the vintage/antique look.  My plan at this time is to give her a go on the truck to see if she may be the sturdy travel companion I so sorely need.  Here is Alli, which Sisko has named her, I have added na to the end of her name to bring it to Allina.


Pleased to introduce Allina (photo’s by Sisko)

alli_66 alli_22



She is 16 inches tall.  I am so excited about her impending arrival!

3 Dolls for Sale

I currently have three dolls on eBay, if anyone is interested:


Soom Mini Gem Uyoo Elf


Mel Odom Gene Marshall


Dollzone BB Ami


Auction ends in 10 days.


As I mentioned, I have been working on outlines and history information on my dolls, trying to find the balance of the dolls I really want and who to keep, who will travel and those whom I just don’t do anything with.


I had bought Soom Uyoo with the idea that she was petite and easy to travel, but as lovely as she is, there is something about thin small dolls in my big huge hands that make me feel I should not handle them.  Uyoo is not fragile, I just can’t enjoy playing with such a thin doll….I feel the same way about Barbie sized dolls too.  I like thick dolls, what can I say?  lol.


Gene is not my type, I am not much into fashion glamour girls.


Ami is a sweetheart and I really like her.  I just don’t seem to enjoy multiples of the same doll.   As cute as having 4 BB was, it was like having a nursery of toddlers, and my attention was too diverted. 


I am refining my dolly world, lots of new ideas coming soon!