Jollyann’s Room and Misc Projects

Sept 29, 2010

Evie had to give up her little bathroom and the space was converted into a small room for my Schoenhut, who finally chose the name of Jollyann

This space is on the other side of Evie’s trunk room.  I gave Jollyann the grandfather clock, the dresser I recently found, the plaid stuffed chair and a cat on a velvet pillow.  I also had an antique box of chocolates that she can nibble on, which is on a petit point music box, so that she has music to listen to.  She has a an antique bisque rabbit on her dresser, which a glass mosaic picture frame, which we will put antique photo in it when we get more ink for the printer.  Click to enlarge any photo.  The clock and dresser look small in comparison to Jollyann, but that is just the camera angle.

DSC09182  DSC09219

Evie, in the meantime now has a desk and the window is now between the two rooms, providing a wall.  You can see Jollyann’s hair and bow in the window from Evie’s side.  I will make curtains for the window today.  I get such a delight in creating rooms for my dolls, especially when they all have “make-do” things from around the house or thrift shops. 

DSC09184 I will eventually find a better base for the desk, right now it is just a blue trunk.  It will be fun to see if they use this window to communicate.

DSC09209 My little lady from India now has her own space, a primitive cook stove, and as I find objects for her, I am putting them on the ledge until I can find the right combinations for her.

DSC09208 Here is my sewing closet, and the rooms for the little ones above on the shelf.

DSC09210 Olivia has the most cheerful room.  Fits her personality to a T.

DSC09213 The Bottoms Up bar is coming along nicely.

DSC09212 Away has her room too.

All of these rooms (there are more, but I have already shown them) will all get worked on over time, waiting until I have found the right scrap book papers for the walls and so on.  It’s tempting to get them all done now, but I need projects for the future and it’s best to get a feel for it before putting in the cost and labour.

Evie’s lovely dark hair has really made a profound difference and I cannot hardly believe the intensity of it.  It is like she found herself and I could feel it.  It wasn’t just because she had on a cute wig or pretty eyes, it was like this particular wig brought out all of her personality in a very firm and direct way.  I am stumbling for the right words.  It’s strange that in a way, each time I see younger Evie in a wig style or colour that the older Evie wore, it brings me just that much closer to her.  Yet this wig, brings out more than just looking like the long dark wig old Evie once wore.  It’s like there no longer needs to be a resemblance to her old self.  She is no longer a reminder, she IS Evie as she always has been.  It has been a month since I mailed old Evie’s body out and I have not thought about at all since. 

DSC09226 DSC09232

I have made a lot of winter clothes for her, today I will be finishing the clothes with snaps, buttons and any extra trims they might need.  I am using both modern and vintage fabrics and trims, the dress above is made from an old pair of my jeans and vintage trim.  I had exactly just enough of this trim to finish the neckline, waist and sleeves.  I will take photo’s as I finish each garment. 


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