Thrift Shop Finds

Sept 23, 2010

A couple of incredible finds today!  I found Neela, in her box, with wrist tag and book for $3.99.  No kidding, I have never had this kind of luck with thrift shop dolls, and now I have had two finds in a row! (Gene and Neela).  Neela is gorgeous and I am so impressed with the quality!  Reminds me of the Kish Riley I had, and of course my Kish Alice in Wonderland and Season’s Kish.  She brings back those fond memories.


I also found a vintage dresser (really a jewelry box) for $2.99 (I haven’t cleaned it up yet).  I may give this to the Schoenhut, she has nothing of her own yet.


In the Halloween costumes at the thrift store, I found a chestnut brown human hair wig for the Schoenhut for $3.99.  The hair is luxurious and thick, actually a “fall” but the wig cap was perfect for her head size.  I washed it and conditioned it well.  Now she can have all kinds of hair styles.  I have the front sides pulled back in these photo’s. 

DSC09009 DSC09004

DSC09015 I need to stop taking pictures at night!  Such bad lighting, but as you can see the wig is thick and lovely.  I can brush it to my heart’s delight, the small wood screws have been used to secure the wig instead of tacks.

I have made quite a few clothes in the last few days, when the are all done, I will take photo’s. 


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