Who Will It Be This Time?

The last day on home-time.  Heavy Sigh.

I have been tossing things into the box that I will take back on the truck, but I have not put anything of dolly stuff yet.  This is always the hardest part for me, who do I bring besides Evie?  I was thinking about Jollyann, but I have been missing Audrey so much.  She may come along with Evie.  I could bring her a little bed.  But to leave Hammie behind?  And If I bring him….poor Pandora!  See….it builds up to pure angst.

I don’t have the same depth of space in the long cubbies that line the length of my bed, so I cannot use those for Hammie and Audrey’s beds like I did before.

DSC09405 DSC09408So they will have to be up in the “doll room” I will create in this cubby.  But, heck, what to bring for that?  It’s like I have to decide on the companions coming along first.  Triple the sigh factor.  Again, I wish I had only one doll and none of this would ever be an issue ever again.

I have taken photo’s of some items I am planning on selling.  Now that I have sorted so many doll clothes and objects and organized my dolls, perhaps it is time to let go of the things I no longer use or need.  I can then put them up for auction 7 days before I return and can take care of it when home.  I need the time to think it through too.

Today I plan on trying to pack up what Evie will need, who will also come along and maybe Evie needs to be the one to make that decision.  I feel bad that Charlotte still has not gotten her proper wedding dress, maybe I can put together a basic dress and work on the elaborations while on the road.  But I am glad to have been able to put Evie’s winter wardrobe together and refinish Jollyann and make individual rooms for the rest of the companions.  I accomplished more that I expected I could while on this extended hometime.

Here is are a couple of recent pictures of my favourite doll, I mean my granddaughter, Ryah:




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