The Truck Cubby Room

Well, it is a done deal, I am going to Hawaii for a year, starting next April or May.  It is going to be quite the challenge.  We have been talking about it practically non stop and working out the details.  The best idea coming out of the lengthy separations is that my daughter suggested we all come back to the mainland for Christmas, which is of course what we need to do.  That made me very happy.  My husband can at least be definitely home for Christmas!

I took a few photo’s of the girl’s cubby room.  Click on any photo to enlarge.

DSC09709 The end of my bed.  Their room was first up in the left hand cubbie where my clothes are now.  The white mesh bags is for my laundry, my laptop is by the window, the red bag is filled with dolly clothes, shoes and food.  My black camera bag and the chair are there and so is my knitting bag, tucked into a side cubby under the large cubby.  When I return home, the chair will go of this grouping.

DSC09718 My bed is very long, so I can have stuff at the end of the bed, but I love having the window and don’t want to block the light.  As you can see, my feet only go to here.

DSC09715 This is what I see from above.  Where my husband is sitting with his laptop is where I sit every day with mine.  Behind him is my kitchen, with a pull out table.

DSC09717 You can kind of see my husband’s bunk below.  I keep a white sheet to keep his bedding clean while I sit there to cook.  In this photo, there is a black lunch box oven cooking up our dinner.

DSC09723 This is the head of my bed.  When we get home, the first thing to go is all the pillows, except the blue one.  I want that window behind the red pillow to be free from being covered up. To the left I have a long cubby for books and a drink, to the right  I have a small cubby I keep lotions in, above that is the girl’s cubbyroom.  You can see Evie’s head resting on her pillow.  Now I can not only see them, but play a bit too.

DSC09711 Their room has two soft fabric beds, a wooden Lane cedar chest with a sink on top, a fan and a TV.

DSC09712 I need to glue some rubber under the TV to keep it from sliding.  Behind the chest is a blackboard for the girls schooling.  I like that there is plenty of room (truckwise) for them to play.  The chest is filled with toys and games.

DSC09713 Audrey’s bed is really a pillow book.  It is a pillow case like sleeve that you can push in or pull out pillow “page”.


DSC09720 There are a couple of pillow pages inside the book cover for her mattress and I fold two pages back to make a pillow.  Now it is like a comfy sleeping bag.  Found it at a thrift shop and saved me from having to sew something up for her.

DSC09714 Evie’s bed is made from a fold out futon type chair made for American Girl.  I put a human baby pillow case on it, which make a perfect sheet that covers the entire chair.  Evie is resting on the back of the chair so she can see the TV, but does have a lavender filled pillow that she sleeps on, you can see the corner of it under her.

DSC09722 So the girls are comfy and secure (the hanging chair is not necessary for the bouncing road) and they are accessible to me.  I could not have asked for a better dolly situation while trucking!


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