Photostory: Hungry Girls

DSC09783 Audrey:  Pssst….EVIE!  Are you awake?

DSC09781 Evie: Yeah.

DSC09776 Audrey:  I am hungry!

DSC09775 Evie:  I smell something good!  Chicken, I think.

DSC09777 Audrey:  Oh Boy!  Dinner!

DSC09753 Audrey:  Evie, get me down!

DSC09756 Evie: Okay, I’ll get down first, you have to be really careful….

DSC09757 Evie: ugh….umphf…you’re too little to do this, you wait for me.

DSC09758 Audrey:  don’t drop me!

DSC09761 Audrey: Are you ticklish?  (giggle)

DSC09768 Evie: Sit here, Audrey.

DSC09770 Me: Here’s something to drink.  We’re having puppy dog tails for dinner….you hungry?

DSC09773 Evie: Puppy dog tails?  I don’t want to eat that!  Is that what we are having?  I don’t know….

DSC09731 Audrey: I don’t want to eat puppies!  (sniffle)

Evie: Me neither!

DSC09732 Audrey: YOU eat it!  I want your corn.

Evie: NO, let it go!

DSC09737 Evie: It’s mine!

Audrey:  WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC09738 Evie: I am sorry!  You can have my corn.

Me: Silly girls.  It’s chicken strips, not puppy dog tails.  Sigh.  You are both little drama queens.

DSC09744 Audrey:  It’s chicken?  Really?  YUMMY!

DSC09750 Evie:  That wasn’t funny!  You tricked us!

Me:  Easy to do!  (smiling)


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