Bunk Beds

I have not been doing well, I have been very nauseated and irritable.  This tooth thing has been going on for 4 weeks now and I am so very tired of it.  It colours all that I do, or I should say what I cannot do.  Normally I am thrilled to be home and have so many projects to work on, but lately, all I do is sleep and feel dull and exhausted.  I have not even had the slightest inkling of Christmas spirit yet and that saddens me.


I went to both Michaels and Hobby Lobby looking for inspiration.  I did find a can of testors Dullcote, so I can redo Evie’s faceup.  But I feel no inspiration there either.  I bought four wood dowels to test my idea for a bunk bed.  But I could not bring myself to buy the rest of the wood, I wasn’t sure if this was even a necessary project. 


DSC04244 When I got home, I cut up a box to test the idea, to look at it and see if it overwhelmed the room.  I don’t want to permanently change how the murphy bed works, so I thought I would make a bed that would just set down inside the bottom bed and can be lifted back out should I decide not to use the upper bunk.  Sort of like a table.  After observing it, I decided that I would go ahead and get the wood and make a proper bed using the cardboard test as my design.


DSC04246  My idea is that Allina and Mikko might share this room set up.


DSC04248 I had seen how this area could be perfect for Mikko’s work room, the dresser and chair are his size and work better for him than they did for Jollyann.  It is too small though for a bed, and so I started to think about the bunk beds.  Yet, This now throws Jollyann out of a room and where would Evie go?  I think about how badly I want to get this all down to the basics, to have three or four rooms and continue to find pleasure in making them just right and full of play and stories. 


I am thinking about the direction things are flowing, that perhaps I am soon ready to get down to the very basics of dolly world.  I don’t know why I am not feeling anything towards Evie lately.  When I play and interact with a doll, it becomes everything to me and all the others fall to the wayside.  The only dolls that hold their own are the china’s, they aren’t as playful as the woodens.  I never seem to mind them sitting in their rockers with their tea set and cakes.  They have no desire to travel and get messy.  Which leaves my 3 resins, Evie, Audrey and Hammie.  I honestly feel at a loss with them lately.  Preserve them?  Make them become shelf sitters?  Revive them?  Is it time to let go of Evie?  Does she need to evolve again? 


I am hoping a face up with revive my sense of her.


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