Jollyann gets a faceup too

After Evie got her faceup, I decided that Jollyann was next in line.  As much as I love her look, her thick lovely hair, she too had taken on an older appearance.  I decided to go back to a simple dolly look.  I looked at old Schoenhut pictures, and although I cannot recreate the same look as they had thick paint on their faces and Jollyann is bare wood, I saw that perhaps I could lighten up the painting.




DSC04252  This wig on Jollyann is also very thick and luxurious.  I really liked it, but it was top heavy and often jerked her head back.  Her body is a toddler type, so I decided to give her back the cute young look if I could. 


Here she is, almost done.  I am using oil paint on her, so until it is fully dry, I cannot add her face sealant.  She looks a bit chalky until the varnish is applied.


DSC04287 Wow!  I was startled by her freshness!  She looks so bright eyed!  I gave her brown eyes to tone down that bright blue. 


DSC04289 I noticed that none of the Schoenhut dolls had red lips, but more of a muted rose.  So I changed that too.  I also added more colour to her cheeks.  Because of her wood grain showing, colouring is not as easy to achieve as it is on resin skin.  Still, by using the single stroke eyebrows, the single stroke over the eye and not under, not adding any lashes, she has more of a traditional look and very childlike.


DSC04293 DSC04299  Again, the flash is washing out her colouring, the richness of her brown eyes will come through when varnished.  I like the bright look she has now, and feel that I have brought both Evie and Jollyann back to their true ages.  How sweet she is.  I won’t give her the varnish for another week or so, I’ll update with a picture then.


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