The bunk bed is made

I finished the structure of the bunk bed, but it ended up being completely different than I had envisioned.  First of all, I was not feeling well and being out and about was exhausting.  I looked at the wood pieced at Hobby Lobby but just felt it was so expensive for what it was, and the bed was looking to cost about the same as buying a premade bunk bed set, as I had been researching online.  So I hesitated and several times nearly put the wood back and try it another day.  Evie was hanging in limbo land and I didn’t really know if Allina and Mikko would take over the trunk room or not.  I just felt unsettled about the whole thing.  Later, I wandered over to the artists supplies and wondered why I let this part of my life go, I marveled at the papers, the pencils and pens….and then I noticed the wood frames for canvases.  You could buy them buy the piece, and there was exactly the lengths I needed!  Thicker, solid wood, with corner joints already made and all I needed to do was piece it together!  And, it was half the cost of the wood I had in my cart! 


It was a quick job to put it together:


DSC04302  I added a piece of wood down the middle to support a mattress. 


DSC04303  The poles are secured by being glued to a wood strip across the head and foot length.  This unit can be lifted out easily.  So now I just need to paint it to match the bed and make mattresses and matching quilts or bed spreads.  I am not up for it just now.  But the bunk is sturdy and strong and now to just decide who will reside here. 


DSC04300 DSC04301 While it would make a perfect room for Allina and Mikko, I cannot help but think it is Evie’s room and that Allina and Mikko will just have to wait until my imagination kicks in.  I thought that perhaps Hammie and Audrey could share one of the beds….but again, my head is fogged up with pain pills and I just can’t sort it all out just yet.  The beds in these photo’s look short, but they are 18.5 inches long.  Mikko, I believe is only 15 inches long.


So much yet to figure out! 


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