Allina’s Love

I have calmed down.  Good ol’ Allina, ever so gentle soul that she is, she’s my rock.


Allina confided in me that she wasn’t at all sure she could make it a whole year without her brother Mikko. I told her I wasn’t sure I could carry them both and my stuff too, so we went over different possibilities and she thought that perhaps the smallest ones would be best for traveling.  We talked about Audrey and Hammie, as is was plenty to have one brother, but if she had to care for Hammie too, that might be too much.  She thought maybe Charlotte could care for him, but I said that I could take them both, it wasn’t so much and of course, they could keep each other company when I was busy.  Allina agreed with me, but we also agreed to wait until we were home and had a chance to feel this on all sides, getting all my companion’s input.  See what I mean about Allina? 


And that brings me to my great news, they are diverting us to Denver instead of Utah, and so with a delivery tomorrow, we should be home tomorrow evening!  It was so unexpected!


Also, the BIG decision is just about completed, that I will go back on the truck for the next run, which will bring me home the middle of March and then I will leave for Hawaii about April 1 or the end of March.  Here it is already!  As soon as my daughter and I figure a date, I will be buying the ticket while home this week!  YIKES!


At this moment, but of course, it will not be final until everyone has had a say, I am thinking of bringing both Audrey and Hammie back with me on the next run.  It will help me decide if two is too much of a handful.


I also bought two matching wigs, in carrot red for them both, I thought it would be fun to try giving them a more unified look:


greenshot_2011-01-29_15-32-06  I am not sure how Hammie will take to having a few curls, but if not, I can trim them a bit. 


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