I have been in such a funk since my husband left.  I think I am climbing out of it.  It seemed to take a spark of creativeness to see me through it.


I went to a different thrift shop yesterday and also the Antique Market, just to get out of the house and get my mind shifted.  I still have no idea how to house or travel with Ane Thea and I go round and round on the issue.  So when I am out shopping, I search for ideas.


In the thrift shop, I searched through the baskets, the boxes, the ideas came and went with trying to come up with something that is reasonable in cost and something I can work with.  I can help but see Ane Thea in something more whimsical, Pixie-like but not cute and princess-y.  Some sparkle, but not over done.  I was looking through the candle holders and soap dishes and saw all the metal items that were scroll, spirals and so on. My mind started clicking on it….I could use some of these objects and make furniture out of them!  Best of all, most of these objects were between 20 cents and 79 cents!  I grabbed several pieces, including some I have no idea what they originally were, lol.


Then I sat with the art box and played until ideas came.  I realize that Ane Thea needs a different sort of home, one that can be quickly packed up and on the go.  She needs a bed, a table and chair and something that would allow for a wash up.  Here are the objects, but I have yet to decide on the colours, fabrics, flooring and wallpapers.  Click to enlarge photo’s


2011-03-23 001  I used a piece of memory foam for the mattress I just put a piece of fabric over it, it is not what will be used.  I used the drawer boxes and the roll top desk as the base of the bed (it will still need a piece of wood).  I cut squares of the foam and put it down in square candle holders and made perfect height chairs (ottoman style).  Another candle holder becomes the wash basin and reversed, makes a table, but the best thing of all was the two real glass candle holders that became a table with a window!


2011-03-23 006 The bottom candle holder had four curlicue wires in the corner’s, I used them to hook the second candle holder as a table top.  I LOVE the window!  I tried to imagine whether to create walls so that the window was looking like a real window, but when I draped a wire that had peach and green beads down each side, it gave the suggestion of invisible walls that made me feel like I was on to something different.


2011-03-23 004  Here are the chairs.  They will be covered in fabric when I find the right colours.  I have Miette’s trunk in the background, but no matter how I tried, it just didn’t seem Pixie like.  Miette will be so happy to have it back!


2011-03-23 002 2011-03-23 003 Here is two different candle holders, the white porcelain holder is a perfect table when in the down position, and a perfect wash basin when up.  I put a chamber pot underneath.  The pitcher was 20 cents!


2011-03-23 005 2011-03-23 007 The bed is so plush and thick! I am amazed that the desk and the drawer boxes fit perfectly.  The whimsical doors are easily taped to the sides and work for opening and closing.


2011-03-23 009  Ane Thea’s furniture is in scale with her.  The two chairs could be placed side by side if she wanted a sofa.  The base of the table could have a light added, I have a battery operated tea light that would be perfect!


I don’t have good photo’s yet of the beads on a wire, but last night, they caught the light and created a sparkly and enchanting look.  I sat with a piece of paper and wrote down lists of ideas of what I need to create this house for Ane Thea.


Wallpaper (scrap book papers)

Flooring tile? wood?  Paper? Grass mat?

Side walls?  What about silk leaves?  Leave them invisible?

Matching fabrics for the chairs, bedding.

Find some carved or pressed wood moulding for the bed area. 

Need a wood platform for the mattress


Because the boxes are a soft light sage green and the beads are the same green and peach, I think those will be the colours I use.  The table is a cobalt blue, so I want to incorporate that in the chair fabric somehow.


Now that I have it fairly established, I can set this aside and finish my china doll I am working on.  Wow, even that is coming out so lovely….I am on a roll!  lol


Still Working on A room Idea

Yesterday, after I dropped off my husband at the truck, I went shopping.  I went to the thrift shop that I usually have luck with Barbie stuff, but there wasn’t anything.  I was hoping for a Barbie house.  They had the one that I have for Olivia the Pig, the one that looks like a makeup case and opens into two rooms with a walkway between the two.  It was only $2.99, I should have bought it for a resell on eBay, but just wasn’t up for it.  It definitely wasn’t Ane Thea.


I went to Tuesday morning, and they still carried the storage boxes, although not as many as before.  I did find one that would work great, it was larger than the floral one I showed with the windows that I inserted.  It was darker too, it had cherries on the outside in the 1940’s style colours of red and turquoise background, and inside a soft red paisley print.  It was large enough to put a door in it and two-4 windows and I really debated whether or not to get it.  I had a bid on a barbie house on eBay, but I just checked it and it is already much higher than the box, so I won’t be getting that either.  At an antique store, I saw a fabulous round lidded basket, that had windows in it, would have been perfect, but it was $225 and not an option.  I think I will go to the Antique Mall, a couple more thrift shops before I make a decision.  I really would like something small enough to carry on the plane, a retreat for her, a cozy little Pixie room.   I keep imagining a round or somehow natural shaped room for her, not a traditional square shape.


At another thrift shop I saw green bamboo place mats that would have made wonderful walls or floors.  Too many ideas, nothing is grabbing me yet.  I found two lovely pieces of antique fabric perfect for a Victorian Lady.


Today I am going to sew.  I will set my machine up in the living room and work on a visitor who is looking to get a body and clothing.  Oh, which reminds me that I found the most FABULOUS antique leather body with jointed hips and knees for only $120 at the antique store!  The body would fit a 18 inch child doll.  It was in fabulous condition, with wooden balls at the shoulder joints, but no arms or head.  The feet had toes stitched in.  I can take a photo if anyone is interested.  The joints all worked beautifully.  Wish I had a head that needed a body!

Ane Thea As I know Her!

Yay!  The third face up was the one!  I had a feeling she needed smoky eyes.


First temporary face up when she went on the truck:

2011-02-05 031 I had thought that the pale pink wig and ice white eyes were going to be a contrast with her tanned skin, but she wasn’t dark enough for it to show.


I tried blue eyes and made a black hat to get the feel for dark on top, but this was not coming any closer to how I knew she looked.  Here she looks like she just took her makeup off and applied cold cream and wearing curlers in her hair!  lol


2011-03-14 015 Second face up.  Getting closer, but her lips were too soft and pudgy, her brows too light and too big.  Ane Thea is not the soft and delicate type.


2011-03-15 011 This is more like it.  She knew it too! I got brave with grey shadows, just making red lines for her lips and colouring her upper eye lids with graphite.  I didn’t want her to look like she had makeup on, so I am still opting not to put on lashes. I want her to look as offbeat as she is, without any overly weirdness  (she needs to be able to hid her pixieness at times) .  Her colouring is more intense in person, the photo’s are washing her out a bit. The wig isn’t glued down yet, so the style will settle in when I get it on permanently.

2011-03-15 0132011-03-15 0142011-03-15 0182011-03-15 022

Home test two

2011-03-15 001  This is a storage container from Tuesday Morning.  I added dollhouse windows to each side to make a little room for Audrey when I first got her.


2011-03-15 002 I liked that it was already wallpapered and very feminine.  2011-03-15 003The wooden furniture works better in this light set up.


2011-03-15 007 It is almost the same size as the wood box.  Advantages are that the floor remains flat (no step up) and that I can cut windows into it.  Which then gave me the idea that in a new box (if I can find one anymore) could actually have the doors cut into the box and would be working doors!


2011-03-15 008 These doors are too dark, but if I could find a darker box, it would be fabulous. 

2011-03-15 009 I really like that Ane Thea would be able to look out a window and have a working door.  These windows do slide up and down, I love that.


Still, this is just somehow not Ane Thea’s style either.  I am getting more ideas though.  I will go to Tuesday Morning on Thursday Laughing out loud and see if they still carry these storage boxes.  I would love to find one in a forest leaf or vine type print.  I know…that’s just a fantasy.

Bad Face up – Bad House

Today I played a bit with the wooden art box.  I also did a faceup on Ane Thea which looked fabulous without a wig, but not with the wig. 

2011-03-14 014 2011-03-14 021I wanted thick wild eyebrows, but with the wig, they get lost.  She will need thin and very black eyebrows.  I also don’t like the thick pouty lips.  She needs more definition.  I think I will need to use paint. I love the eyes and wig though. Now, for the room: (click to enlarge any photo)


2011-03-14 003 I have two doors I would love to use, and in fact they do sit within the framework. However, they do not go with the modern furniture.  They came in a thrift shop bag of Barbie furniture, so I have no idea what they belonged to.


2011-03-14 005 The stove can fit perfectly along the side, but leaves little room for anything else.  Seems a waste of space for this to be the major part of the room.


2011-03-14 022  This is here the bed fits best, as the lid is a bit larger.  But all in all, nothing is looking right.  Even if I try to imagine different colours, wallpaper….

2011-03-14 024 The box on it’s side provides more floor space, but it takes away the intimate charm.

2011-03-14 028 As an open box, it provide two floors.  Ane Thea is too tall for this to work as a house. I don’t like invisible walls anyways.


2011-03-14 031 The oven has this door that would fit if I added a base (which is missing) and two pegs for the door too swing on.

2011-03-14 023 This is the missing chunk off the headboard.

2011-03-14 035 I could add a wall.  Still, everything is crowded and not really unique.

2011-03-14 038 Or extend it out to the side (or both sides?)  There would not be anything in my room in Hawaii to set this on, let alone be able to play with it.


2011-03-14 045 I wedged the bed in as though it were a bunk bed, that seems to be a viable option.  Gives more floor space.  I am still not getting a feel for all this.  The furniture really doesn’t fit Ane Thea.  It seems too childish.  I could make a platform bed very easily, perhaps curtains to pull across?


2011-03-14 047 Now I really like this chair better.  It suits her and would fit in a more tropical setting.  There could still be a bunk bed on top using wood and not the bed. 

2011-03-14 050 I just don’t know yet.  The grey wallpaper is really throwing me off.  I would like a house that can just fold up and I can carry it on the airlines.  The chair would not fit in it.  It would be nice if the whole thing could just be all glued down and ready to play when opened.


Next: I will try the floral box house I made a while back.

Wigs and Furniture

Just another quick update, I am still in the middle of so many things.  Got the packages from my parents and opened them up last night.


The black eyes were PERFECT for Ane Thea, the moment I tried them on her, it was YES!  The black short wig is a bit big, but again, I could see her as I imagined her, and once I get her face up done and the wig glued down and perhaps a nip and tuck, I know my Ane Thea will be perfect.  The  silver white wig is stunning and so beautiful, but way too big.  Both wigs are Monique, both a size 5/6 and both completely different sizes!  But I am most pleased with the black sassy look for Ane Thea.  I want to keep that impish look.  A preview:


2011-03-13 007


The furniture, was so-so.  The headboard was missing a piece, the oven was missing the bottom and so the door was not attached (it would swing open).  I can fix the oven when I find the right size piece of wood, but I have no idea how to fix the headboard.  I have not had time to really play with this, but I set the furniture in the wood art box I have, it still has the wallpaper from Greer the Fox, so of course it would all have to be changed, should I decide to go with this.  A sneak peak:


2011-03-13 001 What is fun about this box, is that I can use it several ways, the box can be put on it’s side and create two walls, or opened like a regular box and have two floor space (the checks are tiles that were the floors for Greer) so that the furniture would be set down in the box, or as shown above, using the lid as a floor, the box as a step into platform room.  The bed fits very snuggly into the box, almost too tight, if I did it that way, I doubt I could get the bed back out (I would have to tap it in place).  The oven then would have no wall space.  The chairs and table are fine in height, but the chair is rather too low.  That is ok.  The chair and bed have glued down comfy foam mattresses.  The bed fits perfectly into the lid.


I may still make the oven into a vanity, I have lots of playing around with this before I decide anything.


I forgot to take a photo, but I did get a small 9 inch china head on a wooden body, I am not sure what I will do with her, most likely a resell after I make some clothes for her, or keep her as a rainy day project some day in the future.  She is not an antique, but a reproduction of some kind.  Perhaps Shackman, although I have not seen this particular head before, but she is like the one with the tilted head, sort of parian in style, but look like a typical round headed china head with a straight neck.


More errand to run today, then by tomorrow, I should be able to sit down and play a bit.  Oh, and I tried a wig that is a bit tight on Evie, but I was tickled with the baby look it gave her. 


2011-03-13 005 I think I do like her as a blonde the best.  Although this is not necessarily the best wig for her, it is a good colour.  Her sallow complexion does not work with warm tones like auburn or golden blonde, she needs cool tones.

2011-03-13 002


Just a quick note.


I am home, I am in the whirlwind of the errands and things we need to do in the first two days, and will be heading to my parents house this afternoon to get all our mail.


I just wanted to mention how I felt when I walked in the door.  Out of the blue, I had this huge surge in my heart to go and get Evie.  She was lying in her bed and I gently picked her up and held her to my heart for the longest time.  The thought did not enter my mind prior to that moment that I had missed her so much. 


I looked her in her eyes and saw such a longing there to be held, to be thought about again.  I took off her blonde wig and tried a few on again, leaving her in the brown short wig.  I put some eyelashes on, (I need to get new ones, these had been used before and had glue on them) and sat with her in my lap the rest of the evening.   I kept getting the feeling she wanted to say something, but couldn’t. 

2011-03-12 0052011-03-12 003 She just looks so sad, so lonely. 

2011-03-12 002 I must cheer her up.  I will take her with me to my parents.  I think she needs some one on one attention.  I almost caught a glimpse of hope in her eyes!