Wigs and Furniture

Just another quick update, I am still in the middle of so many things.  Got the packages from my parents and opened them up last night.


The black eyes were PERFECT for Ane Thea, the moment I tried them on her, it was YES!  The black short wig is a bit big, but again, I could see her as I imagined her, and once I get her face up done and the wig glued down and perhaps a nip and tuck, I know my Ane Thea will be perfect.  The  silver white wig is stunning and so beautiful, but way too big.  Both wigs are Monique, both a size 5/6 and both completely different sizes!  But I am most pleased with the black sassy look for Ane Thea.  I want to keep that impish look.  A preview:


2011-03-13 007


The furniture, was so-so.  The headboard was missing a piece, the oven was missing the bottom and so the door was not attached (it would swing open).  I can fix the oven when I find the right size piece of wood, but I have no idea how to fix the headboard.  I have not had time to really play with this, but I set the furniture in the wood art box I have, it still has the wallpaper from Greer the Fox, so of course it would all have to be changed, should I decide to go with this.  A sneak peak:


2011-03-13 001 What is fun about this box, is that I can use it several ways, the box can be put on it’s side and create two walls, or opened like a regular box and have two floor space (the checks are tiles that were the floors for Greer) so that the furniture would be set down in the box, or as shown above, using the lid as a floor, the box as a step into platform room.  The bed fits very snuggly into the box, almost too tight, if I did it that way, I doubt I could get the bed back out (I would have to tap it in place).  The oven then would have no wall space.  The chairs and table are fine in height, but the chair is rather too low.  That is ok.  The chair and bed have glued down comfy foam mattresses.  The bed fits perfectly into the lid.


I may still make the oven into a vanity, I have lots of playing around with this before I decide anything.


I forgot to take a photo, but I did get a small 9 inch china head on a wooden body, I am not sure what I will do with her, most likely a resell after I make some clothes for her, or keep her as a rainy day project some day in the future.  She is not an antique, but a reproduction of some kind.  Perhaps Shackman, although I have not seen this particular head before, but she is like the one with the tilted head, sort of parian in style, but look like a typical round headed china head with a straight neck.


More errand to run today, then by tomorrow, I should be able to sit down and play a bit.  Oh, and I tried a wig that is a bit tight on Evie, but I was tickled with the baby look it gave her. 


2011-03-13 005 I think I do like her as a blonde the best.  Although this is not necessarily the best wig for her, it is a good colour.  Her sallow complexion does not work with warm tones like auburn or golden blonde, she needs cool tones.

2011-03-13 002


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