I have been in such a funk since my husband left.  I think I am climbing out of it.  It seemed to take a spark of creativeness to see me through it.


I went to a different thrift shop yesterday and also the Antique Market, just to get out of the house and get my mind shifted.  I still have no idea how to house or travel with Ane Thea and I go round and round on the issue.  So when I am out shopping, I search for ideas.


In the thrift shop, I searched through the baskets, the boxes, the ideas came and went with trying to come up with something that is reasonable in cost and something I can work with.  I can help but see Ane Thea in something more whimsical, Pixie-like but not cute and princess-y.  Some sparkle, but not over done.  I was looking through the candle holders and soap dishes and saw all the metal items that were scroll, spirals and so on. My mind started clicking on it….I could use some of these objects and make furniture out of them!  Best of all, most of these objects were between 20 cents and 79 cents!  I grabbed several pieces, including some I have no idea what they originally were, lol.


Then I sat with the art box and played until ideas came.  I realize that Ane Thea needs a different sort of home, one that can be quickly packed up and on the go.  She needs a bed, a table and chair and something that would allow for a wash up.  Here are the objects, but I have yet to decide on the colours, fabrics, flooring and wallpapers.  Click to enlarge photo’s


2011-03-23 001  I used a piece of memory foam for the mattress I just put a piece of fabric over it, it is not what will be used.  I used the drawer boxes and the roll top desk as the base of the bed (it will still need a piece of wood).  I cut squares of the foam and put it down in square candle holders and made perfect height chairs (ottoman style).  Another candle holder becomes the wash basin and reversed, makes a table, but the best thing of all was the two real glass candle holders that became a table with a window!


2011-03-23 006 The bottom candle holder had four curlicue wires in the corner’s, I used them to hook the second candle holder as a table top.  I LOVE the window!  I tried to imagine whether to create walls so that the window was looking like a real window, but when I draped a wire that had peach and green beads down each side, it gave the suggestion of invisible walls that made me feel like I was on to something different.


2011-03-23 004  Here are the chairs.  They will be covered in fabric when I find the right colours.  I have Miette’s trunk in the background, but no matter how I tried, it just didn’t seem Pixie like.  Miette will be so happy to have it back!


2011-03-23 002 2011-03-23 003 Here is two different candle holders, the white porcelain holder is a perfect table when in the down position, and a perfect wash basin when up.  I put a chamber pot underneath.  The pitcher was 20 cents!


2011-03-23 005 2011-03-23 007 The bed is so plush and thick! I am amazed that the desk and the drawer boxes fit perfectly.  The whimsical doors are easily taped to the sides and work for opening and closing.


2011-03-23 009  Ane Thea’s furniture is in scale with her.  The two chairs could be placed side by side if she wanted a sofa.  The base of the table could have a light added, I have a battery operated tea light that would be perfect!


I don’t have good photo’s yet of the beads on a wire, but last night, they caught the light and created a sparkly and enchanting look.  I sat with a piece of paper and wrote down lists of ideas of what I need to create this house for Ane Thea.


Wallpaper (scrap book papers)

Flooring tile? wood?  Paper? Grass mat?

Side walls?  What about silk leaves?  Leave them invisible?

Matching fabrics for the chairs, bedding.

Find some carved or pressed wood moulding for the bed area. 

Need a wood platform for the mattress


Because the boxes are a soft light sage green and the beads are the same green and peach, I think those will be the colours I use.  The table is a cobalt blue, so I want to incorporate that in the chair fabric somehow.


Now that I have it fairly established, I can set this aside and finish my china doll I am working on.  Wow, even that is coming out so lovely….I am on a roll!  lol


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