Zwergnase Alma Gets A Name

I decided on a very unique name for my Zwerg, as Alma just didn’t fit her at all.  The name game is always hard, so many names I really like, but the more I hunt through the name books, the further away from the right name I get.  It’s like picking out a present for someone else, I know what “I” like, but what someone else would like always seems so elusive.  I shut the book, looked at her, thought that the most suitable name would not be exotic or unusual, it would be sweet and nurturing, soft to say, plain.


I gave her the name of Joanie Claire.  I have never known a Joanie and never had a dolly by that name, so I have no associations with it.  It is truly her own name combination.


Yesterday I took with me to run errands.  By wrapping a pillowcase around her, she sat in my purse and was fine.  I smiled when I held her in the sunlight streaming through the window onto her face and it did not matter.  She was not about to turn yellow like resin can.  She was not vulnerable to chipping or anything.  I felt a sense of ease with her.  I delighted in her presence and each time I looked down into my purse, her sunshiny face just beamed at me.  Sweet Joanie Claire!  I am bonding with her immediately.  She has not left my side for one moment. 


I also undid her braids last night, her wig is hand rooted onto a cloth base with mohair and I believe human hair and is lovely.  I rubbed my hands with a drop of coconut oil and did a french braid so I could see the possibilities of simple hair style changes.  She can have braids or buns at the ears, braids across the top and pigtails, twists to the back.  Her hair is strong and in excellent condition.


2011-05-27 060  2011-05-27 0402011-05-27 0352011-05-27 037


I love her hair.  I am hoping it lasts a long time with all her future play times, I will keep an eye out for a human hair wig and may replace it some day.  Until then, I will make her bonnets to protect it.  I think perhaps a 1930’s style clothing will suit her best, high yokes and bonnets, like the old Shirley Temple dresses.  I think onsies will work better for her than the usual panties.  I noticed that the only patterns I see so far available for a 13 inch (I measure her at 13.5 inches) is Shirley Temple, baby dolls and Lissette (antique style) which is too old for her.  With her cloth body, I will have to either get use to it being exposed or create old fashioned clothing to cover up.  I am not too worried about it, the only thing I am not sure about is how to make a bathing suit.  I think we’ll be going to the beach on Wednesday.


Speaking of, I had left behind Evie’s beach umbrella, sand pail, hula dress and lei and towel.  I am so glad I did, it fits her perfectly! 


My Zwergnase Arrived!

She did arrive today!  It was really breathtaking to see her for the first time, I couldn’t believe it.  That face, it is so incredible!


2011-05-27 002This was my first sight of her.  She was so small, I could see immediately that she was more than I expected.  Heavy in weight, so full of personality.

2011-05-27 0032011-05-27 004

Her hands were nicely detailed, and so small!  Her hands are not in proportion to her head, they are more like toddler hands. 


2011-05-27 0052011-05-27 006

Her face is spectacular, even sweeter than I imagined. So full of life right out of the box! 


2011-05-27 0072011-05-27 008

Her body is weighted with pellets, thighs and upper arms have stuffing.  The pellets along with the very heavy dense vinyl give her the most wonderful weight, which is important to me.  For her size, she is heavier than you imagine.



2011-05-27 0092011-05-27 0102011-05-27 0112011-05-27 012

I had asked the seller to measure her foot for me, which was 2X1 inches, but I had to say how shocked I was to take off her leather boot to see such tiny feet!  Wow.


2011-05-27 0132011-05-27 0142011-05-27 015 Her feet are sweet and realistic, better than I expected.  But they are toddler feet and it feels a bit off in the scale.  I realize that I am so use to the extreme long legs of BJD’s, so this is just a perception that I need to adjust to. 


2011-05-27 0162011-05-27 017

Her over dress had no buttons or openings other than the neck, so it was a bit difficult to remove.  I will fix that before putting it back on.  She wears a blue blouse underneath with a shell button.  Her bloomers are thin gauze like cotton with flower lace along the bottom.  The tightness of the elastic waist band has indented her waist, but the elastic is strong for being from 1998.


2011-05-27 0182011-05-27 0192011-05-27 0202011-05-27 021

Her body is very soft and pliable.  I expected stiff and hard.  Her sitting legs are not as severe as I first imagined, she can definitely stand naturally, with the help of a stand.  I absolutely HATE that on artist dolls, the signature thing, It irritated me that the whole stomach is ruined from this.  I love the fabric of her cloth skin, so I am in no hurry to change her now, but someday, I will replace her skin with NO signature.  Her head and all limbs have her name engraved, so this overkill on signatures does not lend itself well to those who play with their dolls.  I would have liked to have let her wear shorty tops.


She has a solid feeling shoulder plate, strung head.  She poses very nicely.  However, I have to say that I am so impressed with how she melts into my hands, I just cannot stop holding her.  There is such a different feel to holding her compared to any of my companions.  Yielding, heavy, all limbs firm and heavy.  Her wig is thick and soft, smells so sweet and nice.

2011-05-27 0222011-05-27 0232011-05-27 0242011-05-27 0252011-05-27 0262011-05-27 0272011-05-27 0282011-05-27 029

Her face makes up for everything.  I smile each time I look into her eyes.  The eyes are gorgeous have such a depth to them.  Her smile is delightfully uneven, so are the teeth, just so real looking.  Note how the right tooth is inset deeper….like a real child.


2011-05-27 030 I will be taking her braids down later this evening.  I need to get a feel for her hair and whether I can do anything with it besides braids.


I almost sure of her name, I just want to try it when her hair is down so I can see it is not influenced by her hair style…lol.  She will be easy to sew for, I think she is about 6 years old, and I have to say, that I am still holding her in amazement…..

She’s In Honolulu!

I got notice last night that my girl was in Honolulu! 



I did find a couple of more things for her:

2011-05-26 018 A little grab bags with toys (couple of Eeyors, a stuffed puppy, a brush, a beach towel with a a duck and there was Anne of Green Gables on the $1 book table, so I bought that, it’s been many years since I read it.  I bought the wove square thing, probably some kind of desk organizer, but upside down it made a side table until I can find a small dresser with drawers for her.


Names are still being searched.  So far, I like Sanne, Stine, Hildemar, Meredith, Claire, Merry, Marta and Rosie.  I know, all quite different from each other.  Maybe she will simply tell me a name she likes when she gets here.

A new Room

Yesterday, I found a small handmade rug for $2.99 and I loved the colours, which I had the idea it might match the blue on the wardrobe. 

2011-05-24 001This is a coffee table at the end of my bed in my room, that I will use as a room for the Zwergnase that is coming.  The wardrobe and chair were items my daughter found last time I was here.  The wardrobe needs cleaning up, it has tape residue on it.  She found that for $5, quite a find for it’s size.  The bed I have coming will match the chair in the dark wood, and the mattress is a blue, so I think this will end up being a terrific room for her.

2011-05-24 002472237865_tp


I also found the beach chair and the rocker, both about $3 each.  I think the rocker will sit by my laptop and the beach chair I will save for the beach, of course!


2011-05-24 006 I will be able to find her a lovely plate or bowl because of all the tiny Japanese dipping china, but I don’t think I will be able to find as many fun things for her as I did for Ane Thea.


But that is okay.  I would rather concentrate on making her clothes.  She has left Illinois, but the tracking stopped on the 23rd and it is the 25th, so I am not sure I will see anymore tracking information.  I have no idea when she will arrive.  I have the bed yet to come and one pair of plain white sandals.  I won’t buy any more shoes until I have seen her feet and see if the sandals fit.  If they do, I will have plenty of shoes at home she can wear.  I may buy a couple of pairs while here, but shoes are not necessary in Hawaii!  lol

Swan Bed

Just have been so busy since I have arrived, I feel like some days I just fall into bed at night and suddenly it is morning!


After winning Alma, who will get a name change, I bought her a pair of sandals going by the measurements the seller gave me.  2X1 inches.  I chose the same Deb’s Adorables sandals that I had bought my other similar sized companions.  I looked once again at the German Auction, and she listed Alma at 35cm, or about 14 inches, so I am not sure I can visualize her size.  I will just have to wait. 


I also bought her a bed.  This was something I really wanted to do, something that I always regret not buying when I have the funds, and this bed took up the rest of what I had leftover from her purchase.  I have always wanted a fancy bed, and here is the one I found with swans!




I am so excited about this, as dolly beds are the one thing I have such a hard time finding the right size of.  This bed is 18”, the seller showed an American Girl in it, and she was too big, looking too larger in it, giving me the impression that Alma will fit just right in scale. 


The estimated arrival is up to June 4th, but my daughter reminds me that things can take a month to get from the mainland to here.  So I am taking a deep breath and hope she doesn’t decide to go by ship and spend weeks watching for whales or dolphins!


Now for a name…..


I cannot remember if I showed the German Auction photo, this is the hat the one I have doesn’t have:


Someone coming Home

I have chosen a new girl to come and live with me. She is 15 inches tall, with the most delightful smile and cheery-ness, something I need these days.  She is vinyl and cloth, resilient to falls and beaches and sitting by me in a chaotic household, where life for a doll is precarious.  She wears the same size shoes as both Evie and Allina (whew!) and all their things will work for her too, being the same scale as Evie, Allina, Mikko and Jollyann.


Here in Hawaii, I already have a large vintage doll wardrobe/closet, a few items that Evie left behind and my daughter has bought 3 fabulous chairs for Evie, and I have a beach chair in her size too.  So she should fit right in!



This is Alma by Zwergnase.  I love the name Alma, but not sure if it really suits her.  I have always wanted a Zwergnase, so this is quite a thrill for me. 


I have had a few more finds for Ane Thea.  Some I am really pleased with, but I am not sure about others.  We have been hitting a few more new thrift shops on the other side of the island and for my daughter’s birthday, we went to an Antiques store.  I have to say that no matter where we go (including a couple of toy stores) I never find any dolls except the cheap porcelains with staring blank eyes and a handful of Barbies.  Sigh.  Don’t Hawaiian play with dolls?  There is a Barbie Museum and one Raggedy Ann Club.  That Playmate doll that I bought for my granddaughter was the cream of the crop, but nothing I would be interested in for my kind of doll play.  I am jonesing for a doll!


As much angst as I have put into it, I have decided that I cannot risk having my husband send me one of my dolls from home.  It is not just the postal service, but the way it is delivered here, in an open mail box area and my daughter’s lack of checking the mail often.  It’s just too risky all around.  I have really been trying to pinpoint exactly what it is I am seeking that Ane Thea does not provide.  I am enjoying her.  I am having fun with the items I find for her.  I just can’t pinpoint what it is that continues to plague me.  


I recently bought the cutest piano:

2011-05-19 012 It is a jewelry box, the music box doesn’t work and there is no keyboard but I love the painting on it.  I found another jewelry box sofa:

2011-05-19 013 with two large furniture pieces, I decided to take the TV out of the cabinet, so she now has 3 rooms.

2011-05-20 001

2011-05-20 002 A sort of music/sitting room at the top, bedroom in the middle and a kitchen on the bottom floor.

2011-05-20 003 2011-05-20 007 I found this plastic case, the strawberry on top twirls the inside shelves around, and being the obnoxious pink, I thought it would make a good pastry display case.  This gave me an idea, that perhaps Ane Thea could open a little café or tea room.   The only time I sit with this is at night, when I go to bed and really am too tired to think up stories. 


I have found a few wonderfully unsavory characters.

2011-05-18 026 Arnold.  He is missing his stand and weapon, arms and head moves.  The lifeguard chair…perfect for the beach.

2011-05-20 009 A GI Joe and that juke box.  Frank was already mine from before.  There is a million stories here somewhere but I just feel blank.


Obviously, Ane Thea’s size lends itself so well to finding things for. This stuff is inexpensive and fun to find.  But I cannot help but miss my Evie, Mikko and Allina for holding.  I am so close to buying anything that is 16-20 inches, but so far, nothing is calling my name at all.