A Liquor Cabinet

2011-05-07 004 Ane Thea and I worked a bit more on her house last night. We switched the sides, because I found her a new cabinet for her clock and her liquor.  It is a jewelry box, shaped like a book.  I pulled out the ring pads so that she had a shelf to use.

I set the “book” upright.  It has gold lettering on the spine that says Music Treasures. That’s strange as it is not a music box.  Anyways, it looks more formal and is a good height for her.  It was $4.99, more than I wanted to pay for it, but I kept thinking it would work best until I could find something else.  There was a perfect wall unit, but they wanted $10 for it, definitely not worth that price.

2011-05-07 0082011-05-07 009

2011-05-07 0102011-05-07 011

The little dresser is still too low, but as I was looking at it, I thought since it is sitting on the outside of her trunk, I could probably just raise it a bit with a piece of wood, and then if I bought some double sided sticking foam, I could “install” the microwave I bought above.  What a cute kitchenette that would make, although I think if I can find a better kitchen cabinet I could paint it white and it would all be more coordinated. This little dresser has such lovely painting on the top, I just hate covering it up.  Besides, I do think this dresser looks better in Miette’s home, so eventually I will find the right thing for Ane Thea.

2011-05-07 0052011-05-07 012

I will be making cushions for the dinette chairs and pillows for the two ottomans, but I am waiting until I have the right fabric, probably a powder blue.  I also want to make a seat cushion for her rocker that I keep by my computer and a pad for her hammock, both which will be in some vintage Hawaiian fabric I have.


Lastly, I did find two Liv (I think) dolls at the thrift shop for $2.99 each, they had complete outfits on, both that surprisingly fit Ane Thea!  The jeans needed to be cut at the bottom and I removed the velcro and added a snap over just bit for a smaller waist, and one top needed a couple of darts at the neckline.  So I will be keeping an eye for them for the clothes.  I got a bit gruesome and harvested their eyes, which ended up being eyeballs with eyelashes attached to the eye itself.  They had no wigs, so I couldn’t grab them.  I also salvaged the undergarments from the Suzanne Gibbs doll, which made really cute clothes for her too.


I have been trying to get my thoughts wrapped around what I want to do and I think I need to once again create a to-do list and spend more time figuring this whole issue out.  Yesterday, just dressing and undressing her was having one on one contact with her and I noticed how pleasing it was, calming because I was playing.  My hesitancy with her is that she is so easy to create a home for, that I feel as though I am playing with a dollhouse.  Because I don’t directly sew for her, I don’t really hold to as much as I do a larger companion, I feel some distance. 


I once again told my husband I may have him mail me Jollyann or Allina, but I can’t make up my mind about it.  I love that in the evening before I go to bed, that I open my cabinet door and sit with Ane Thea a bit, but for the most part, it stresses me to have her out with these hardwood floors and the big dog and the boys bumping into my TV table as they walk by, I have had several near falls with her sitting by my laptop.  It’ll be two more weeks before my husband is home, so I will give it a good thinking-through.  A wooden companion would most likely fair well.  I miss brushing hair, holding a companion.  Whether I can direct my husband to find Allina’s clothes and shoes will be a challenge all in itself.  lol.   And can I deal with the mailing of her?  And should I then mail Ane Thea and her things back?


It’s funny, because I thought of Ane Thea’s size being perfect for travel, but in the end, all her tiny food items, her fragile body, well, I feel like I am overprotecting her and cannot just sit holding her during the day.  There is something in me that wants to give it a longer go, to get use to what I have and find the joy in what is already present.


Just musing.


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