I have had a few more finds for Ane Thea.  Some I am really pleased with, but I am not sure about others.  We have been hitting a few more new thrift shops on the other side of the island and for my daughter’s birthday, we went to an Antiques store.  I have to say that no matter where we go (including a couple of toy stores) I never find any dolls except the cheap porcelains with staring blank eyes and a handful of Barbies.  Sigh.  Don’t Hawaiian play with dolls?  There is a Barbie Museum and one Raggedy Ann Club.  That Playmate doll that I bought for my granddaughter was the cream of the crop, but nothing I would be interested in for my kind of doll play.  I am jonesing for a doll!


As much angst as I have put into it, I have decided that I cannot risk having my husband send me one of my dolls from home.  It is not just the postal service, but the way it is delivered here, in an open mail box area and my daughter’s lack of checking the mail often.  It’s just too risky all around.  I have really been trying to pinpoint exactly what it is I am seeking that Ane Thea does not provide.  I am enjoying her.  I am having fun with the items I find for her.  I just can’t pinpoint what it is that continues to plague me.  


I recently bought the cutest piano:

2011-05-19 012 It is a jewelry box, the music box doesn’t work and there is no keyboard but I love the painting on it.  I found another jewelry box sofa:

2011-05-19 013 with two large furniture pieces, I decided to take the TV out of the cabinet, so she now has 3 rooms.

2011-05-20 001

2011-05-20 002 A sort of music/sitting room at the top, bedroom in the middle and a kitchen on the bottom floor.

2011-05-20 003 2011-05-20 007 I found this plastic case, the strawberry on top twirls the inside shelves around, and being the obnoxious pink, I thought it would make a good pastry display case.  This gave me an idea, that perhaps Ane Thea could open a little café or tea room.   The only time I sit with this is at night, when I go to bed and really am too tired to think up stories. 


I have found a few wonderfully unsavory characters.

2011-05-18 026 Arnold.  He is missing his stand and weapon, arms and head moves.  The lifeguard chair…perfect for the beach.

2011-05-20 009 A GI Joe and that juke box.  Frank was already mine from before.  There is a million stories here somewhere but I just feel blank.


Obviously, Ane Thea’s size lends itself so well to finding things for. This stuff is inexpensive and fun to find.  But I cannot help but miss my Evie, Mikko and Allina for holding.  I am so close to buying anything that is 16-20 inches, but so far, nothing is calling my name at all.


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