Swan Bed

Just have been so busy since I have arrived, I feel like some days I just fall into bed at night and suddenly it is morning!


After winning Alma, who will get a name change, I bought her a pair of sandals going by the measurements the seller gave me.  2X1 inches.  I chose the same Deb’s Adorables sandals that I had bought my other similar sized companions.  I looked once again at the German Auction, and she listed Alma at 35cm, or about 14 inches, so I am not sure I can visualize her size.  I will just have to wait. 


I also bought her a bed.  This was something I really wanted to do, something that I always regret not buying when I have the funds, and this bed took up the rest of what I had leftover from her purchase.  I have always wanted a fancy bed, and here is the one I found with swans!




I am so excited about this, as dolly beds are the one thing I have such a hard time finding the right size of.  This bed is 18”, the seller showed an American Girl in it, and she was too big, looking too larger in it, giving me the impression that Alma will fit just right in scale. 


The estimated arrival is up to June 4th, but my daughter reminds me that things can take a month to get from the mainland to here.  So I am taking a deep breath and hope she doesn’t decide to go by ship and spend weeks watching for whales or dolphins!


Now for a name…..


I cannot remember if I showed the German Auction photo, this is the hat the one I have doesn’t have:



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