Joanie’s Swimsuit and Sandals

Joanie has a new bathing suit.  Well, kinda new.  I took an infant’s suit, cut off the sides and top and remade it to fit her:

2011-06-01 0062011-06-01 007 I had made it anticipating that we were heading to the beach, but we have heavy rain today.


2011-06-01 001 Until her bed arrives, she sleeps on a pillow with me.  That is her blankie, with Tigger on it.


2011-06-01 003 She is trying to convince me to let her go to bed with her new swimsuit, but I can’t really argue with her, as she has no nightie yet. 


2011-06-01 008 These sandals were listed as 2X1 inch, but they are too narrow and too long.  They will do, I can get them on her feet.  But because her feet are so tiny, I think she actually looks better in the Zwergnase oversized shoes.  I am wondering what to do, perhaps I can make her very thick socks and she can wear larger shoes?


2011-06-01 009  She is bringing me such happiness and a snuggly kind of companionship.


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