More Stuff

Gads, we found yet another thrift shop, this time it was a fabulous one and I had to really hold back from going crazy.  I found a pair of wooden shoes for Joanie for 99 cents!

2011-06-09 005  I had to carve out just bit from one for a perfect fit, but they fit snug and do not fall off.  The red chair is one that I bought last week, but it was of the kind I have always wanted.  She certainly has enough chairs, but as I have other companions at home in this size, one can never have too many chairs.  Yet I think the chair suits her!


2011-06-09 007  I like that he give her larger feet and are about the size of her Zwerg shoes.  I made the mermaid socks from infant socks I got at Gymboree.  The clothes she is wearing are just from a bag of doll clothes I bought at a thrift, nothing I will probably keep, although I may make patterns from them.


2011-06-09 001 I bought hangars for her armoire.  Those are thrift shop clothes, again, not sure if I will keep any of them, some are too big.    I still need to clean up this wardrobe, that is sticky tape from someone moving with it.  I don’t want to paint it until I am absolutely sure who will end up with it and what the room scheme will be. 


2011-06-09 002 Yesterday, I found the little teapot, again for 99 cents.  It has Mary and her lamb on it.  Previous thrifting, I found the brush, kitty and turtle for her.  The bird cage I found earlier fits her perfectly in scale too.  The dresser matches her rocking chair to perfection, but will not match her bed.


2011-06-09 008  These are two kitchen play sets which are perfect in scale as toys for her to play with.  The stove has an opening oven door and the face knob turns and makes a clicking noise.  The muffin mix open up too.  Since she is about 6 years old, they make great toys.  I can’t remember their cost, but I think it was $1.99 for the two.


2011-06-09 003  This is a little dipping sauce dish.  I thought it would make a fun plate for her.  I would rather find a child like one for her, but this will do for now.  I bought more Iwako foods for her, they arrived yesterday and now she has foods I can put on the dish.


The other find yesterday was an odd one.  I think it is a plant holder, there is a deep cup insert inside that can sway, so I think it is meant to be hung on the wall with a plant inside and the sway ability would be to keep it stable if it is filled with water.  But I saw it as a Tiki Bar for Frank and his gang:

2011-06-09 010  Maybe I can fill the cup with ice and there can be beer bottle in it, or I can just cut a half circle and insert it as a counter.  This was $2.99.


I still am not sure what to do with Ane Thea, Frank and his gang.  I have all the right stuff to do fun stories with.  It’s just a matter of getting started or I could just wait and ship them all back to the mainland for another day.  I also have the little creatures to play with.  And until I can het a wardrobe of some kind together for Joanie, I am not sure when she will be doing more in photographs.  So far, I find things for them and the stories in my head continue to evolve, but they are not getting put into action.  Once again (or rather ALWAYS) I have too many completely different themes going on and not concentrating on one thing at a time.  Joanie’s bed has not arrived and I think it will be weeks yet before I see it if they sent it parcel post to save money.  The tracking says it is still in CA or perhaps it is on board a ship rather than a plane.  Sigh.


We went to the Kailua Beach last Tuesday, but since my daughter invited a friend to come along (with her 7 year old daughter) I decide not to bring Joanie.  I was sad about that, I had her beach chair and sand toys all ready for her.  I really wanted to take photo’s of her at the beach, but it will have to wait.  I don’t mind strangers thinking I am crazy, but I didn’t want to embarrass my daughter in front of her friend.  Here is our crab adventure though:


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