Joanie Moves In

Last night, I planned on putting the Soho Loft room away in it’s box, when handling it, I realized that the surface of the walls were smooth and shiny.  I thought that instead of painting it, I could consider contact (sticky backed) drawer paper, if they still make it (foam matting seems to have replaced contact paper).  That idea made me think that maybe this whimsical room could be used as Joanie’s room, especially if I could find some with rosebuds or something less bright and bold.  So I played with it last night, setting it up on the table (it was down on the floor) and I folded the pillow case to see what it would look like as bedding, and suddenly I realized that it made a great room for her!  It was the bright modernistic furniture that was too overwhelming, her furniture toned down the room a bit. 

2011-06-23 001 Up on the table, I laughed to see my “play area”. 

2011-06-23 002 It works pretty well.  I would love for it to be higher, but this is all I have available in my room.

2011-06-23 003 The space in the room is fine, I was able to fit her furniture in it.

2011-06-23 004 I hung up her bird cage. Her old fashioned things don’t really fit the style, but I still like the whimsy of the wall shapes.  Sort of reminds me of an Alice in Wonderland room.

2011-06-23 005 Her toy play area.  A little kitchen stove and muffin mix box,

2011-06-23 006

Today I am going to try and make a summer coat out of this tea towel.  It is a heavier weight, a bit too heavy for a dress.  This is the one I have a matching pair of socks.  If I don’t have enough fabric for a coat I will make a jumper instead.  Too bad I don’t have two of these, I would have loved to have made a matching bonnet too.


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