Kitty Kat Pillow Dress, Bonnet & Hawaiian Shirt

I was on a roll today.

2011-06-22 013 I made a bonnet.  This is for traveling, to keep care of her mohair.  Since I like to slip her into my purse, this will be so much easier than wrapping her in a blanket.

2011-06-22 011

2011-06-22 014 2011-06-22 015I really liked the look. It wasn’t meant to be a part of her wardrobe, but I think I will make more.  I think one in a crochet or lace would be nice.

Then I made a shirt from a baby’s pull on diaper cover.  I had just enough for one set of panels, then did another set in white cotton, so the shirt if completely lined.  I used the elastic gathered ruffles on the leg openings as her sleeves.

2011-06-22 016 2011-06-22 017The white dress is premade, but as you can see, it was completely open on the back.  It has a Hawaiian print (white one white) and to pull the two pieces together, I added a red and white trim to the dress and to the bottom of the shirt.

 2011-06-22 0182011-06-22 019

Then, my plan was to make a nightgown with the kitty kat embroidered pillowcase.

2011-06-22 020  Because the edging was so wide, I Thought the kitty design would be lost. I knew I had to use the whole bottom of the pillow case, since there is a crochet edging around it.  I thought it would be gathered to full, so that it would be nightgown.  For fun, I embroidered her name on the front and not it doesn’t look like a nightgown, so it is a dress.  I swear she smiled an extra big smile when she saw her name!

2011-06-22 021  2011-06-22 023I cannot wait to hit the thrift shop again, I will be pillow case hunting! 


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