Tea Towel Coat And Bonnet

I didn’t think I would have enough fabric to make the bonnet, but I did.  I lined both the bonnet and the bodice part of the coat.

2011-06-23 0072011-06-23 0082011-06-23 0092011-06-23 0102011-06-23 0112011-06-23 0122011-06-23 013 The coat is not a dress up coat, but a travel duster type, meant to protect her clothes and hair when riding in my purse. I wanted her bonnet to protect the sides of her face and her hair.

I love the red hearts and when I can find read heart buttons, I will replace the tin ones I added today.  I also would rather have red ribbon, so that might get replaced too.  Using what I had on hand.

Joanie is different to sew for.  I have to consider her curved body and the shortness of her legs and of course her cloth parts.  So I think these longer dresses give her the appearance of length and help with giving her a bit of bulkiness that suits her soft body.  I love it though, she seems to fit into her very own look which is fun for me to explore.


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