Lilly Goes for an Outing

I have lost my wonderful blogging editor, Live Writer. I was so upset (I actually lost all of the Live essentials and a couple of other programs) that for the life of me, I could not get back no matter what I did. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, going back in time, I did virus scans and used all of my computer maintenance fixes. Nothing. At best, it had something to do with the latest microsoft update, but even going back to a date previous to that download, I could not salavage anything, nor reinstall my beloved programs.

Fortunately, after a great deal of searching, I found acceptable replacement programs, but it will all take getting use to it. Right now, I am experimenting with Zoundry Raven as my blogging editor (I would rather blog from my computer than directly on the website) and we’ll see how this goes. So far I like it!

On Thursday, we needed to walk over to my youngest grandson’s school to turn in some paperwork. Lilly wanted to go with us, and I realized that this was her very first outing!

DSC03954.JPG DSC03953.JPG

We really had a nice walk, and after going to his school, we found a park across the street that we went to enjoy.

DSC03957.JPG I let my grandson play in the water section (there is a huge playground to the right. Lilly and I stayed with the baby and enjoyed the cool island breezes.

DSC03966.JPG DSC03964.JPG I was so happy that Lilly could share a moment like this with me. She just brings me such a smile and calm feeling. I have a lot more I want to write about her and my growing attachment to her, but I wanted to also get a photo of her sitting at her table and her new puppy dog slippers:

DSC03967.JPG I am so happy to have found this table for her. It is perfect in height and scale. The bird cage, radio and tea set (all bought before I knew about her) all work so perfectly too. I have so many other things at home that will work for her too, so I have this peaceful feeling that this was all meant to be and that I can finally relax into one scale and one direction.

I want to post this as a test and see how it works and if there is anything I need to set up.


A few more things for Lilly

2011-07-24 0012011-07-24 002 Lilly got a pair of glasses today,  She only needs them for reading.

2011-07-24 003 This irritates me, to have such a difference in shoe size when it was claimed these were AG size. Fortunately, they fit Lilly perfectly in length, but still, I doubt they would have fit an AG.

2011-07-24 004  I could not resist.  My grandson’s looked at my very strangely.  “Gramma, you do know that dolls can’t skate?” one asked me.

2011-07-24 0052011-07-24 006

Yesterday as we were coming home, this table and chair set were sitting on the curb with a doll stroller.  We stopped and asked them if the were tossing the set and they said yes….so Lilly got a fabulous table and chair set, which she promptly begged to have her tea set brought out.

2011-07-24 007 Since I was in my room taking a photo of the table and chairs, I took a photo of Lilly’s bed on my bed.  Someday she will have a bed of her own, but this works for now.

Lilly’s Green Pillowcase Dress and Teeth

Lilly’s second batch of shoes came, all listed as fitting AG.  I love all of the shoes.  They are fine on length, a bit wide but give her a nice balance in appearance.  Socks take up the width.  I love them all and feel she now has a good selection for most occasions.  She even got a pair of puppy dog slippers!  I would like to find a bit better fitting sandals, but not now.  I still need to concentrate on play clothes.  I did buy 3 patterns:


I started to knit something for Lilly in that gorgeous deep turquoise yarn, but I absolutely dislike the feel if it.  It is rough in texture, too hard to knit with and I am just not liking it at all.

2011-07-23 016 I am setting it aside for now. 

I made another pillowcase dress, this one had a pleat around the edge with a green insert. 

2011-07-23 003 This is using Addy’s School dress pattern, I did not use the collar piece, instead, I added a trim with pressed tassels.

 2011-07-23 011 2011-07-23 002 I put a snap up on top and a vintage shell button on the back.  I had only one of these buttons, it matched the rust colour in the pattern, so I wanted to use it even if it looks odd to have just one button in back.

She also had new teeth added.  I had noticed that one tooth had a white streak in it that annoyed me after awhile. So I went through my seashell collection and cut two more pieces.  This are more uniform in shape too.

greenshot_2011-07-05_10-41-56 Original – no teeth

2011-07-12 003 Before

2011-07-23 007 After. 

I also made a space between the teeth for a more realistic appearance.  These are wedged in and can be popped out.  When I had them out, her mouth assumed that “O” shape and I knew instantly that I do indeed prefer the teeth which seem to relax her face.  It took a long time to get them aligned well so that they looked natural from all angles, but so worth the effort once in place.  In the above photo, you can see more of the blushing around the nose that I did and the darkness inside the nostrils.

2011-07-23 009

Undies Done, AG glasses and Shoes

2011-07-18 001 Yesterday I finished the undie sets.  She has the one on, that has just straps, the dark pink one has long sleeves the other two short sleeves, so I think she has enough.  I will eventually make a combinations style undergarment to wear with dresses. 

Her first AG shoes came yesterday.  This was my experiment batch.

2011-07-17 006 The crocs fit perfectly.  I love them on her, and will get more.

2011-07-17 008 The jellies were too wide.  I will keep them with her swimsuit and they can be beach shoes.

2011-07-17 007  The AG sunglasses fit too!  Wow, I was surprised.  A snug fit, but fine.  I bought another pair of regular glasses for her and of course, splurged on several pairs of shoes.  Spoiled thing.

My oldest grandson gave her a flower to put in her hair. 

2011-07-17 015 2011-07-17 016  Lilly’s eyes focus straight forward, but it seems she looks sideways often!  Love the many expressions I catch crossing her face. 

I need to rest my sewing finger, as the needle punched through my finger tip callus.  Sigh.  So I grabbed some fabulous Japanese imported yarn, I have no idea what it consists of, the writing on the back is in Japanese.  But the colour is marvelous and with 4 skeins, I should be able to get a full dress out of it, or a sweater and hat.

2011-07-18 002

Lilly’s Bathing Suit

2011-07-16 006I reduced the length and leg openings by creating a reduction under the front ruffle.

2011-07-16 007 I then made the front top narrow (it fits fine around the middle) by making deep darts.

2011-07-16 008 Once the front was done, I then figured out the back.  I did need to shorten the length and reduce the straps a bit.  There was excess fabric, so I sewed it smooth to the center back and gathered the excess there.  I think this would have been a good option for the front too.  I will be making more swimsuits when I find them in the newborn size.

2011-07-16 009 Here I am adjusting the length.

2011-07-16 010 Here is the back finished.

2011-07-16 011 Still a bit puckery through the back, but at least I got it to show more of her back,

2011-07-16 012 Overall, it is a good fit.  Because I kept the length in the front, it is really too high for a swim suit.  So the next one that I make will be made like the back, with a center gather to take up any slack.

Finds for Lilly!

OH!  What finds today!  I feel like the most indulgent mother!  lol.

First, my daughter had a meeting in Honolulu, so I went into a Hello Kitty shop to pass the time. Ack, so expensive and so over the top!  But on the sale table, I found a backpack, which was just the perfect size for Lilly.  Normally I would not pay so much, but, well, it is for Lilly after all!

2011-07-15 007 It has the straps and everything.  The Hello Kitty lettering is embroidered.

Then we hit two thrift shops.  I was looking for a baby bathing suit to re-make into a smaller swim suit, but found a very small one that only needs the crotch shortened!  I missed taking a photo of it, but once it is re-habed, I will take a photo.  I then realized as I was searching through the newborn clothes, that some of it would seem to fit Lilly.  I bought some onesies, because of how narrow they were.  Too long in length, but it struck me that I could cut them in half and add elastic to the bottoms and hem the tops and Lilly would have undie sets!  The leg openings are small, and wow…they will be perfect in the rather rotund bottom area!

I also found an adorable newborn size hoodie:

2011-07-15 004  And once I saw this…I knew that THIS is the look I want to concentrate on for her.

Here is a preemie size sleeper that will work for winter.  I just need to trim and re-hem the sleeves.

2011-07-15 006 Oh, and the elephant?  It is a solid wood carved rocker, it has a saddle carved in the back and it rocks!  a bit expensive at $5, but worth it.  Lilly has been rocking all evening.  The hat?  I bought a bear that had this hat on for 99 cents….oh how I love this sailor hat!  I will be hunting bears!  Strip them of their clothes and hats!  lol

I am so happy to find alternatives to sewing.  I think it will be fun to find newborn and preemie clothes….now a days, they are so much more interesting than when my daughter was a baby!

2011-07-15 002 Here is one of the onesies.  This one has long sleeves.  I folded the middle in the photo, as it is quite long.  But in the torso, shoulders and arm length, it is perfect!  See what I mean about the leg openings?  What easy undie sets!  I bought, 3 more in short sleeves.