Mohair Sweater

It was a bit nerve wracking, as I had only one skein of this mohair yarn, but I was able to complete the sweater *whew* and I just love it!  I tried to extend beyond my usual conservative knitting and added 5 antique shell buttons on each side to go with the more eclectic look of Zwergnase’s clothing designs.  I need to push myself to do this.  My instant reaction was to remove the last two buttons to remove the bulking at the armpits, but then I thought, no….this is the look I am wanting to try, layered, oversized, mismatched clothing.

I was studying the Zwergnase clothes yesterday and love the looks of many fabrics, unusual combinations and the general over sized look.  For the first time ever, I forced myself to buy bigger shoes than her feet and now cannot imagine Joanie wearing fitted shoes.  I will ne now looking at the clothing in the thrift shops, seeking the fabrics to make her clothing.

2011-07-03 010 2011-07-03 015 This sweater was a breeze to make, usually I hair messing with furry yarn, so I am glad I bought it.  A thrift shop find, it was 99 cents, made of mohair and wool blend.

I did not go with the family to the fireworks display yesterday, as it was a place here at Schofield, known to be packed as it had live bands and concession stands.  I had no desire to be around so many people and so much noise, so I stayed home.  when I heard the fireworks, I went outside and stood in the driveway, just holding Joanie and watching the fireworks with her.  The was a misty rain coming down and something so magical about that private moment shared with a companion.

Another note, I came to fins out that my Pixie is going to a very good home, a fellow doll lover who was looking for a sister to her Kaye Wiggs doll.  I told her about our group, I hope she comes to play!


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