Lilly’s Nightgown

I tested an AG pattern of Kirsten’s nightgown to see how the yoke and sleeve length would work for Lilly.  Nightgowns are usually large anyways, but I could get an idea by the shoulder width. 

2011-07-12 001 I did not add the front piece, collar or cuffs, instead sewing in elastic thread on the sleeve wrists and adding lace to the neckline.  I loved how it fit and will use this yoke and sleeve pattern for dresses too.

2011-07-12 0032011-07-12 005 This was a swatch of fabric that is woven knit, with a lovely lacey pattern (click to enlarge) and a strange print of birds, lady bugs and flowers.  It is very thin, but silky heavy in feel.  I found it at a thrift shop, seems vintage to me.  I say weird, because the print on it goes in both directions, so on her nightgown it is both rightside up and upside down. 

How how I love holding her!  I let her sit in my lap whenever the baby is running around in her walker and I have a free lap.  I adore her face, her eyes are so deep and full of cheer and wonderment.  I don’t know what it is about her that affects me so, because I had drooled so much over the more expressive faces of the larger Zwergnase’s.  I had wanted the great big smiles and quizzical looks.  But this one, the gentleness of her face, the quirky teeth, the deepest blue eyes, the chipmunk cheeks all give me a sense of contentment and pleasure just to be around her.  She looks like she always about to say something, which makes me listen.

Now to start on the pillow case dresses.  And boy, do I have a stack of them!  I printed out a couple more AG pattern bodices and sleeves.  I will start with a slip to wear underneath her dresses and then the first garment will be a simple blue dress and white apron.  Usually I jump right into making dresses, this time, I want to take my time and make them just right.  I plan on doing white embroidery on her slip.  Oh how I wish I had access to all the trims and laces I have at home.  Sigh.

I bought her a pair of AG sunglasses, crocs and jelly sandals.  If they do not fit, it will not have been an investment.  Hopefully it will give me an idea of whether it is worth getting more shoes in that size or go larger she she can wear her brace when standing.


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