Lilly Goes for an Outing

I have lost my wonderful blogging editor, Live Writer. I was so upset (I actually lost all of the Live essentials and a couple of other programs) that for the life of me, I could not get back no matter what I did. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, going back in time, I did virus scans and used all of my computer maintenance fixes. Nothing. At best, it had something to do with the latest microsoft update, but even going back to a date previous to that download, I could not salavage anything, nor reinstall my beloved programs.

Fortunately, after a great deal of searching, I found acceptable replacement programs, but it will all take getting use to it. Right now, I am experimenting with Zoundry Raven as my blogging editor (I would rather blog from my computer than directly on the website) and we’ll see how this goes. So far I like it!

On Thursday, we needed to walk over to my youngest grandson’s school to turn in some paperwork. Lilly wanted to go with us, and I realized that this was her very first outing!

DSC03954.JPG DSC03953.JPG

We really had a nice walk, and after going to his school, we found a park across the street that we went to enjoy.

DSC03957.JPG I let my grandson play in the water section (there is a huge playground to the right. Lilly and I stayed with the baby and enjoyed the cool island breezes.

DSC03966.JPG DSC03964.JPG I was so happy that Lilly could share a moment like this with me. She just brings me such a smile and calm feeling. I have a lot more I want to write about her and my growing attachment to her, but I wanted to also get a photo of her sitting at her table and her new puppy dog slippers:

DSC03967.JPG I am so happy to have found this table for her. It is perfect in height and scale. The bird cage, radio and tea set (all bought before I knew about her) all work so perfectly too. I have so many other things at home that will work for her too, so I have this peaceful feeling that this was all meant to be and that I can finally relax into one scale and one direction.

I want to post this as a test and see how it works and if there is anything I need to set up.


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