Stuff and Companionship

I have not had much presence of mind to post lately, but I wanted to cheer myself up a bit. Lilly has been a wonderful companion, her solid presence gives me such comfort. Until our personal situation finds it’s new path, I cannot spend a single penny on anything. Nada, not so much as piece of penny candy.

How does that feel? Very strange. I am not lacking for anything, it’s not a dire situation at this point, but knowing that I cannot spend any money makes me want to spend it. lol. I had once again packed up Frankie and all the 1/12th stuff and was ready to send it back to the mainland, but now this would be too frivilous of an expense. So I took him out of the box, and set up the sofa and bar for him. It cheered me up to see his wide grin like there wasn’t a care in the world. He had a bottle of booze in his hand and oh, how I wished I could join him for a drink and a song. Please, Frankie, sing a lovely song to me, let the cares wash away. Wow, how weird that Frank’s smile was just what I needed. I have always seen him as a prop, but here he was, giving me a bit of companionship.


I am so thankful that I do have plenty of fabric, yarns to knit or crochet, patterns to play with and Lilly and Frank really do have enough stuff. I am glad I invested in shoes for her. Glad Frank has a well stocked bar. lol. I am glad I did not buy a new laptop, which I was just about to do. Glad my computer is in working order again and the small investment of an external cd/dvd rom drive before the sh*t hit the fan. So as long as I ease into this new crisis with a deep breath and a feeling that for now, it will be ok, I can hold Lilly and wink at Frank and be glad they are both with me.

DSC04013.JPG Last weekend (my last spending spree, *sob*) I found a doll for Lilly. She thought it looked like she wil look when she grows up with red hair and blue eyes. There is no tag to be found, but I think she may be Russian. The outfit Lilly is wearing is human new born clothing, fitting like a dream.

DSC04014.JPG I love her little red heeled boots. I also bought a can of spray paint for her big wardrobe in periwinkle. I may go ahead and spray the table and chair set too. Oh, and some playdough, which I want to make some food pieces. All fun projects ahead. I am still working on the crochet underdress, which of course will be a stand alone dress too. I have the front and back done and one sleeve is halfway done. I hope I won’t have forgotten the pattern by the time I pick it up to finish. That’s all for now.


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