More on the Bed

DSC04555 Here is a comparison of the bed I made to the new-old bed.  The bed on the left holds a standard pillow as a mattress.

DSC04556 Here is her re-arranged room.  It’s just an old coffee table, but works to at least get it up off the floor and easier for me to access.

DSC04558 I love her little working radio.  She has her lemon drops and glasses ready for reading.

DSC04563 So cozy!  This is the quilt that came with the bed, it is cream colour with soft flowers squares.  My photo’s were all very bad, taken at night without flash.  They looked better in black and white!  I had really wanted to make the mattress today, but it will have to wait, the time is slipping away from me and Friday is my cleaning and wash day.  Maybe this weekend.


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