Ghost Eyes

The ghost eyes came today.  My intention was to “use” Evie for a guest appearance on one of Yorik’s stories.  This is why I bought the pale mohair wig she is wearing right now and the ghost eyes.

DSC06475  I should have changed her bright red shirt, but these photo’s were just to see what happened on camera.

DSC06452 Flash gives full effect of the pale grey center. LOL on her eyes being off center.


DSC06483 I absolutely love this photo!

DSC06477 Just having fun.

It is interesting to see her with pale eyes, but she isn’t the type to be ghost like.  No way.  Not Evie.  I am probably going to give up the idea, because I really don’t want to bring in another doll just to play a ghost.  For now, I am just playing.


Something Happen on the Way to Brown Hair

I voted for the brown hair.  I like it, nice little girl look.  Sweetness.

Then I looked at Evie and suddenly realized that I was losing the essence Evie.  I have been trying to sweeten up my little dill pickle.  It won’t last, it’s not her.  I think that is why the black wig seemed better.  Too bad it made her skin look so sallow.

Right as I had glue in hand and was about to apply the brown wig, Evie refused to let me near her.   It wasn’t happening.  She grabbed the white wig and I protested, as it is too fragile for this active girl.  Well, not physically fragile, but it will surely turn into a fuzzy cotton ball in no time.  But after much foot stamping and pouting, I gave in.

DSC06365 DSC06362

DSC06360  DSC06364

It suits her better than I first thought.  It is a creamy colour and it completely erases all traces of yellow from her skin.  In fact, she is as pale and white as she once was.  Evie was right, and I think she is back…..ready to resume her rightful place in my heart. 


A couple of wigs came today.  What an experience!

What she has been wearing:


The first is the replacement brown synthetic.  As I mentioned, I dislike the feel of the wig, it is too silky and straight.  As all these type of wigs are. the bangs are ridiculously long:


It’s nice.  I like the colour, but it isn’t the right one.

Next came the brown human hair.  It was gorgeous, soft, making Evie look childlike and I already know how lovely human hair is for brushing and styling.

DSC06315 DSC06318

It sits lower on the forehead, the weight is pulling it back in these photo’s.  The curls are large, it is actually quite long, to her hips. 

Then came a special wig that I had in mind for a ghost story.  I loved it on Evie, it was startling and interesting.  I have ghost eyes coming so this wig was not meant for Evie.  But I admit I was taken by it.

DSC06301  But, as stunning as it was, it was not my Evie and the mohair seemed so fragile and would not work for my very active girl.

I went back to the brown human hair, using a detangling spray and pulling out the ringlets, and saw Evie look just like I love to see her.  Sweet and gentle:

DSC06321 DSC06322  This hair is not fragile, I can brush it and use clips.  What a difference a wig can make!  The white gave her an edgy look, the black wig a gothic look, but this soft brown sweetens her personality and I feel it is the right one.  I cannot tell in this nighttime light, but I hoping there won’t be any yellow tones to her skin…I will know tomorrow!


I can’t decide about Evie’s wig.  The blonde is sweet and really does give her a good skin tone, but I do not like the ultra silkiness of it.  It’s too perfect.  The black at least gives her more of an Evie look.  I tried on the few wigs I do have, tried on new eyelashes, tried the bare look.

DSC06132 Too makeupy.



DSC06184 this wig was too small, I tried to stretch it.  Nope.


DSC06215 Cute, but not different enough.


DSC06244I do love this look.  So forlorn and waifish.

Evie got scrubbed from head to toe today, cleaned out her joints and she is sparkling clean and I swear that helped her skin tone too.   I have noted her wrists inside had rust.  I got that cleaned up along with the residue in her hips from sueding.


Evie and Yorik at the Beach

I had a fabulous day at the beach for my 56th birthday.  I already made a post with photo’s about the day, if you want to see:

I brought Yorik and Evie along, but there were enough people around that I did not feel comfortable doing a photo shoot.  Especially so many teens…they are the ones that irk me the most because they love to tease and I have already dealt with their rude comments as it is.  But I have to say that taking bjd’s to the beach is high risk as it is.  While we have a full canopy cabana, the sun is constantly hitting the dolls, no matter how careful I am about keeping them in the shade.  Several times I saw them getting full sunlight and it made me jump up and put them back in the shade and I felt like I was protecting vampires from the sun!  lol. 

I took a few photo’s only to try and capture their very different skin colours.  Yorik is pink, Evie is yellow.  I mean really yellow.  Almost  glow in the dark yellow.  But in photo’s I cannot capture it as I see it in person.

DSC05854  Here they are in my beach bag on the way to the beach.

DSC05855 You can sort of see it here.

DSC05872 I took a few photo’s of them together, but the photo blends their skin colours and it’s just not so pronounced.  One remarkable thing though, it doesn’t bother me at all about their scale (head differences) anymore.  I just love Yorik for himself, pin head and all.

BTW, I did give him a tattoo:

DSC05846 it is only a vinyl sticker, but I may trace it and fill it in with pencil someday.


This is the first male bjd I have been around that didn’t look so feminine or like a young boy.  I really like his look.  And Evie is refilling my imagination with all kind of ideas, one that I will reveal eventually, once I get Yorik’s story going.  Husband and I are still drafting the story and having a blast doing it together.


I wrote this all this morning, but got involved in baby stuff and in the meantime a wig I had ordered for Evie came.  I had forgotten about it and was puzzled as I would not have ordered a blonde wig.  I looked it up, it was a brown wig I had ordered.  I contacted the company about it.

In the meantime I tried it on……

DSC06087 I was really taken aback…not by the wig but by the immediate change in her skin tone!  The blonde shade seemed to pull out all yellow.  So the black wig must have enhanced it.


DSC06101 I pushed her eyes up a bit and the blue became more noticeable.  Wow, what a transformation!  I am keeping this wig, but it will have to be cut, it is too silky to be as long as it is,

Yorik and Evie

DSC05729 I really liked this wig on Yorik.  However, because he has such a small head (size 6/7 wig) it makes him look like a pinhead.  sigh.

My original idea was grey, and I had a devil of a time trying to dye a blonde wig grey, it could only go as far as silver:

DSC05224 I liked it, but the darker streaks would not stay (had to keep washing it to make sure the dye would not stain him) and it still made him look too young.

But this wig, is much better:

DSC05798 Once I got it glued on and ruffed the curls out, it was that wild look I wanted, not pretty-boy.

Now for the two together.

DSC05807 It’s comical.  The BIG little girl or the MINI man.  lol.

In some photo’s I can lessen the impact a bit:

DSC05815 I wish they really were more in this proportion, but it is only a camera perspective trick.


Evie is taller than a MSD.  Yorik is shorter than an SD.  Sigh. 


Husband and I had talked about Cosmo, wished a bit now we had gotten him, but I had no idea I would be back with Evie at this point.  I am weighing my options, it would mean a sale and purchase and all that.  It’s not that I had planned for them to be in any kind of story together, so I am thinking it through.  It’s something husband will have to agree to, it is his guy.  I am getting to know him and feel I finally got his wig right….sigh.  In the end, I am not sure it will matter.