Come fly with me….

Guess who is on their way to Hawaii?

Guess who called my name in a lovely dream full of warmth and love and intense longing to be together again?


I dreamed about her (or with her) and called my husband the very next day and guided him in sending her.  It was so intense, I could not believe it.  I had not thought much about her lately in much of anyway except over what to do with the “doll situation” now and then. 

So she is on her way and should be here early next week.  I have not held Evie in such a long time.  I avoided eye contact with her the entire time I was home last spring when I was getting ready for Hawaii.  I could not stand seeing her sad face.  But in the dream, she called me, she smiled with her eyes, and all those feelings I had when I first saw her as a child all came back in a rush. 

2011-03-12 002 She has a wig that I do not care for on right now, I tried to get my husband to go through the wig bag and find this short brown wig in this photo, but I am not sure he did since he can’t really discern wigs.  I ordered a brown wig that is long, but has bangs, but it is coming from Hong Kong and may take a long time yet.  Until then, I will just spend time with her once again.  I am so excited for her arrival!


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