New Wig Arrives

DSC07271 I love this shot of Evie, it wasn’t posed, I set her down to open the new wig that came so unexpectedly today.

DSC07272 First quick shot.  I see that Evie knew what she really wanted, I absolutely love this wig it is perfect for her!

DSC07277 It has just the right amount of wildness and a natural look. 

DSC07286 This is the true colour of the hair.  It is a rich auburn.  The above photo’s took on a yellow cast from not having enough light and no flash.

DSC07291 This wig keeps her a child, not too young, not too old.  There is more ambiguity.

DSC07300 Raggedy Ann 18 Inch Cloth Doll - Mozilla Firefox_2011-12-30_21-10-10


Boat Shoes

The trouble with Yorik is that he is neither SD or MSD in size, therefore, nothing fits.

DSC07249  These are SD sized shoes.  At first I thought I made a mistake and bought the kind that are made for the new 70cm guys.  They looked like boats.  So I bought another pair, knowing I will deal with larger shoes, but nope, they are the same size.

I can handle boots being too big, but I really wanted a pair of dress shoes.  The one I bought were excellent quality and price.  I went to Souldoll’s website and they do make great boots and shoes for the Vito line, but they are $38 and $40.  It’s not happening.  MSD is too small for his feet.

I guess when we settle down, I will have to make all of his shoes.  The clothes I can handle, but shoes?  Sigh.  Poor guy.

Evie is definitely, unquestionably back in full swing…

Evie looked at me and tugged my sleeve as I was messing with her white mohair wig.  She looked at me with those eyes and said, “what if I picked my own hair”?  I smiled, I mean what would Evie come up with if I let her choose?  She already is notorious for wearing straw hats and mismatched clothing.  We looked at hundreds of wigs.  I found a few that had a nice proper look to them, but different enough to be unique to Evie, but she didn’t like them at all.  She looked at the wild wigs, some with red and blue streaks in them.  I told her that I didn’t think they would suit her and she came back at me with “you never let me look like I want to, you’re always dreaming up something you like!”  Well, I couldn’t argue that point.  So I took a deep breath at let Evie pick out a wig all by herself with the money I got for adopting out the girls.  BTW, three went to Russia, one to France and one to the USA.  It was really exciting to find them all homes, all except the Kruger girl, but we still have hope for her.

Anyways, Evie was way ahead of me (I am so easily distracted) and found her perfect hair (according to her) and I about fell off my chair when I saw it.  NOOOOOOOOO, Evie I cried, not THAT!  I mean it is way too wild, it is just as difficult to care for as the white one and well, I mean RED????? 

She said it was exactly what SHE wanted and didn’t care if anyone else didn’t like it.  I gulped when I saw it. 

Auburn tibetan lamb wig 88.5 Elfdoll Kaye Wiggs SD BJD  eBay - Mozilla Firefox_2011-12-28_08-22-09  Gads, what was she thinking?  I can’t make her old fashioned nor modern clothes to go with this mop of wild hair.  She then confessed to me that she was always jealous of the red headed wild haired Zwergnase I use to drool over at DDE back when they had the old shop.  I said that she can’t be a Zwergnase no matter how hard she tried.  She says she can.  I have no idea where this is going.  Evie is determined to have her way.  She wants to be a Zwergnase for the new year.

Wig Wars

I notice that when I am stressed and life is twirling around and nothing seems to calm me down anymore, I sort of take it out on my companion doll.  Oh, not in the abusive sort of way, but the poor dear has to endure the torture of musical chairs wig replacements.  I get in this determined mode of find the right look for a companion, and not being able to distinguish what it is exactly that I want out of it.

I only have a few wigs here Evie can try on.  Because I feel so unsettled, I must be transferring that onto Evie, trying to find a “settled” look for her.  Yesterday, in my misery I tried on the 3 wigs ALL DAY.  I messed with them, tried different ways of wearing them, searched endless on the net looking for another wig….it was practically an obsession brewing.

DSC07179 Evie looks cute in a tomboyish way in this one.  It is fine from the front, but the back and sides make her look too model-like, because the style is for a boy and well shaped.  It was in fact, Yorik’s wig.

DSC07180 Evie cannot wear pure white, it makes her skin sallow.  I had thought of washing this wig and restyling it (it’s the same wig as the brown above), but the colour is not at all becoming.

DSC07183 Every time I put a long wig on Evie I swear it make her look so sad and wistful.   Evie is not wistful.  Black is too dark for her skin tone.

DSC07184 Charming.  But so plain.  She looks so ordinary and Evie is not quite so sedate. This makes her look like a school girl who gets all A’s in class.

DSC07212 This was the wig she arrived in.  It has a stupid pony tail water spout on top, which I had to wet down and sew a few stitches to hold it down while it dried, but I doubt it will stay down.  I cut the big wispy curls off the back and it is definitely cute on her, but the wig is not a full cap and leaves too much bare skin around the edge, making me have to keep pushing he hair around to cover it.  This one caused me to search for a similar wig.  That lead me to wishing to find something more spunky like one of the multi-coloured ones.  But it would keep Evie more modern, is she?  I am not so sure.  I loved it when she was living in 1720’s, in the castle.  I would love to return to that time with her or any time, really.  The white dress she has on was just to test the pattern, yet she loves to wear it, and I wonder if she it not clinging to being in and out of time as Yorik is.

DSC07219 I love the back, the fullness is better than the short brown wig.  This would be a nice easy style for Evie.  Yet, it gives her a very young look.

DSC07192 So I put the dreadful white mohair back on and was amazed as I always am when I see it on.   It is a striking wig.  It gives her an older look, with a contrast in personality, like I see her angelic side mixed in with her more outspoken side.  The curls are already coming out and the wig easily fuzzy ups.  When I see her older, I feel more connected to her older self, like we can communicate more on the same level and I don’t have to watch what I say as much.

DSC07205I thought I would try braiding to see if i could control the fuzz.  Evie just comes out so much more lively in this weird wig.  When I see her like this, my mind fills with Victorian stories and I envision pantalets with ruffles and hoop skirts.  But GAH on how unfriendly mohair is.  I don’t know if the extra work is worth it.  I put a cap on her for bedtime, and she looked so old fashioned that my heart smiled.  Yet, I am not sure what makes me hesitate?  Too blonde?  Would a softer colour be better?  I had bought this wig for a ghost doll, so perhaps it is not really Evie either.  Evie is not locked into a specific age, which makes it harder to decide.  I have known her young and old, so it just matters where we find a comfortable place to be between us.  when she is too young, I feel like a babysitter.  I like to be able to talk to her more, hear her voice when she explores the world around her.  She just not a “cute” girl.

Evie Wishes You a Merry Christmas

I have to say I am ever so grateful Evie and Yorik are here with me.  I have enjoyed their company and lately, have needed to retreat into their world with any moment I could spare.


Yorik received a camera for Christmas.  He was really excited, now he can record his journeys.  I made him a silk robe too.


We test his camera out.


Evie received a doll and a set of books:

DSC06908 With the last day of her Advent Calendar  opened up, she finally settled down to bed.

DSC06910 She read to her new doll all about Santa.

DSC06950 She got up this morning to watch the children open their presents.  Never once did she let her new dolly go.

DSC06963 But, she said, the dolly can’t talk, she hasn’t a mouth!  I smiled and said, those were the best kind of dollies and winked at her, but she only pretended not to hear me.


I am not sure she should have gotten a dolly after cutting all her hair off.  But I guess I can’t say no to my Evie.


Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Dolly Gingerbread


Dolly cookies!

I used brown craft foam, mini cookie cutters (but you can use a paper pattern in any size) and glossy fabric paint in winter white.


After I cut out the cookies, I used a QTip with brown paint and rubbed the edges to give an oven browned look.

Now came the tricky part.  It takes several tries to get the technique down.  I found that holding the bottle up higher and guide the stream.  It’s a lot of fun!


Next time, I will buy a cream craft foam and more glossy fabric paint to make sugar cookies!  I could see that coloured sugar crystals could be sprinkled on while the “icing” is still wet.